Ever Wondered How Much Private Cam Shows Cost?

Last Updated September 07, 2022

Many users get to onto sex cam sites, but are confused as to the costs or how to actually purchase credits or tokens. Regardless of if it's LiveJasmin or CamSoda, all sites share common features. The prices might change from site to site and from room to room, but we'll give a quick break down of what you should be expecting.

The following table was taken out of our article about the best sites for cam2cam, it shows you the general prices of private shows on cam sites, calculated per minute. If you have a hankering for something out of the ordinary, you might have to tip a little extra. You can click the links on the left to see our reviews of each site or on the links on the right to go straight to the site itself.

How Much Private Cam Shows Cost

Site & ReviewCheapest RoomsAverage PriceC2C Included2 Way AudioVisit Site
CamSoda$0.50$1.80Visit CamSoda
LiveJasmin$1.20$2.40ExtraExtraVisit LiveJasmin
Flirt4Free$0.50$3.00Visit Flirt4Free
ImLive$0.98$2.50Visit ImLive
MyFreeCams$6.00$6.00Depends on broadcasterDepends on broadcasterVist MyFreeCams
Stripchat$0.80$2.40Depends on broadcasterDepends on broadcasterVisit Stripchat
Cherry.tv$0.90$3.00No C2CNo C2CVisit Cherry.tv
Chaturbate$0.60$3.00Depends on broadcasterDepends on broadcasterVisit Chaturbate
Streamate$1.00$3.00YesYesVisit Streamate
Cam4$0.80$5.40YesYesVisit Cam4
Sexier$1.00$2.00Visit Sexier
Cams$2.50$3.00ExtraIncluded with Cam2CamVisit Cams.com
xLoveCam$1.20$1.80Visit xLoveCam
BongaCams$3.00$3.30Visit BongaCams

While the table shows the cheapest price of cam shows and the average price of cam shows, it does not show the most expensive. The most expensive price of cam shows can go for over $16.00 a minute on sites like Flirt4Free. On the other hand, the highest listed price on ImLive is $9.00, but none of the models lists themselves at over $6.00.

How to Pay for Sex Cam Shows

All of the sex cam sites we have reviewed accept Visa and MasterCard. Other than that, there are many other possible payment methods. You can choose from among the less popular credits cards like JCB and Discover, prepaid cards, or choose to pay with PayPal, Bitcoin, or even gift cards.

There are also quite a few sites offering free tokens/credits for verifying cards as well as a gift in your first purchase. Here are a few examples:

  • ImLive: 100 free credits (Worth $100) on your first purchase
  • Flirt4Free: 120 free (Worth $12) credits for verifying your card
  • LiveJasmin: 9.99 free credits (Worth $10) for verifying your card

There are also plenty of special promotions on most sites, and reward programs for loyal members.

What is universal for each cam site, is that you will always have to register before you are able to buy anything.

To register you will need a username, a password, and an email address. Most sites will require you to validate that address, and some will even give you free tokens/credits if you do.

Once you have registered and logged in, this is how you can buy credits/tokens on each site.


CamSoda is a freemium sex chat site filled with a ton of nude babes. As your browse through the front page, you will notice that most of the girls are scantily clad, if not already buck naked. The coolest thing about CamSoda is that you can leave your mouse on a thumbnail and all of the rooms will come to life. Camera quality is great with most rooms streaming at 720p HD, cam2cam is enabled, and prices vary, but you get your private cam shows recorded for free, and you also get some of the cheapest chat prices in live cams. Not that on CamSoda, you can also turn on your camera in the open rooms for just the model to see, and it's usually free.

CamSoda cost per token - 8-12 cents
Cheapest CamSoda prices - 6 tokens/min
Average CamSoda prices - 24 tokens/min

Visit CamSoda.com

The orange Add Tokens button is at the top right hand corner of CamSoda

Steps to buying tokens on CamSoda

  1. Click on Add Tokens
  2. Choose a Payment Type and package size then click Purchase Tokens Now
  3. Enter your payment details and click to Place your order
  4. Get your tokens and start chatting and tipping the babes


In terms of quality, quantity, and customer support, LiveJasmin is the unmatched leader in premium adult sex cams. They have a huge selection of webcam models, most of which operate with 720p HD cameras. The new models on LiveJasmin charge the lowest rates, with more experienced models charging more. As you would expect, the hotter girls tend to charge higher prices. You can filter the rooms by prices. Lastly, there's an added charge for cam2cam/audio.

LiveJasmin cost per credit - $1.13-1.28
Cheapest LiveJasmin prices - 0.98 credits/min
Average LiveJasmin prices - 2.40 credits/min
C2C and 2-way audio - 1-2 credits/min each

Visit LiveJasmin.com

Click the Get Credits tab on LiveJasmin's home page

Steps to buying credits on LiveJasmin

  1. Click Get Credits
  2. Choose a package and click Buy Credits (Or select Payment Methods below to change from Credit Card, which is the default)
  3. Complete your payment information and receive your credits
  4. Find a babe and go into a private show


Flirt4Free is a great sex cam site with a ton of options. They have hundreds of models online at any given time, broadcasting at a huge range of prices. While some girls (In multi-user chats like Party Chats) charge as low as $0.50 a minute, others charge well over $10.00. You will need to pay attention to whether you are entering a private chat or a group chat. You can only turn on cam2cam and 2way audio if you are the first member to join a group chat.

Flirt4Free cost per credit - 11 cents
Cheapest Flirt4Free prices - 5.00 credits/min
Average Flirt4Free prices - 40.00 credits/min

Visit Flirt4Free.com

Flirt4Free gives you multiple payment options

Steps to buying credits on Flirt4Free -

  1. Click Buy Credits
  2. Choose a package and enter your payment information (Or select Other Payment Methods below to change from Credit Card, which is the default)
  3. Agree to the T&C's and process your transaction
  4. You're now ready for private and group shows


The leader in premium, yet affordable sex cams, ImLive is a site that rewards loyal members. As you buy and spend credits on ImLive, you are given status rewards points. Once you collect enough points, you are upgraded in level. Each level give you more free bonus credits on each purchase, in addition to a whole range of other discounts. But, there is a catch, the video quality is often not the greatest. Yet the site boasts a great mobile platform with c2c and unique features such as the Multi-Viewer, allowing you to view 6 rooms, and 6 sexy beauties, at the same time.

ImLive cost per credit - $1.00
Cheapest ImLive prices - 0.98 credits/min
Average ImLive prices - 2.50 credits/min

Visit ImLive.com

ImLive makes it easy to purchase credits on the site

Steps to buying credits on ImLive

  1. Click Get Credits
  2. Choose a package and click Buy Credits
  3. Complete your payment
  4. You can now use the full features ImLive offers


Once the leader in free sex cams, MyFreeCams might no longer be the best site around, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have an enthusiastic audience. It actually has one of the biggest selections of American amateur webcam models out of any site. The problem with MyFreeCams is that they have an outdated user interface which is messy and difficult to navigate. That being said, they do have some seriously stunning exclusive models that don't appear anywhere else, and they usually stream in up to 1080p HD. Also, once you get the hang of things, it's the most customizable site by a long shot, allowing for a unique experience in live cams.

MyFreeCams cost per token - 8-10 cents
Cheapest MyFreeCams prices - 60 tokens/min
Average MyFreeCams prices - 60 tokens/min

Visit MyFreeCams.com

Click the Purchase tokens link to buy tokens on MyFreeCams

Steps to buying tokens on MyFreeCams

  1. Click on Purchase Tokens
  2. Choose a token package and payment processor then click continue
  3. Enter your payment information and click to Complete Purchase
  4. Get your tokens and start enjoying MyFreeCams to its fullest


Stripchat is a freemium cam site, but unlike most other free cam sites, it has a very premium platform. There are absolutely no ads and the user interface is sleek and easy to navigate. While the layout is clean, the rooms get absolutely filthy. There are 6000 webcam models competing for attention. Cam2cam is a separate show mode to private shows. Most models, but not all charge extra for it. When you select the Recordable category you can find those who let you record sessions for free, and of course lets not forget the highlight of the site, VR Cams, AKA, virtual reality.

Stripchat cost per token - 8-11  cents
Cheapest Stripchat prices - 8 tokens/min
Average Stripchat prices - 30 tokens/min

Visit Stripchat.com

How to buy tokens on Stripchat

Steps to buying tokens on Stripchat

  1. Click on the green + icon
  2. Choose a Payment Method, Token Package, and Billing processor then click to continue
  3. Enter your payment information and click to Complete Purchase
  4. Spend the tokens as you please


CherryTV is a less populated site than most, hosting around 150 models most hours of the day, which makes it the most minimal on this list. Yet, with selectivity comes quality as premium sites have proven, and even on this freemium site, this rule applies. The vast majority of these ladies are in their early 20's and teens 18+, they are happy to go fully naked in their open rooms, and also offer fantastic HD quality. Rankings are a big part of Cherry.tv, so if you do find ladies that do it right, make sure to upvote them and get them further up on the top models lists.

Cherry.tv cost per token - 10 cents
Cheapest Cherry.tv prices - 9 tokens/min
Average Cherry.tv prices - 70 tokens/min

Visit Cherry.tv

Cherry.tv gives you multiple methods and processors to pay

Steps to buying tokens on CherryTV

  1. Click on the red + icon
  2. Choose a Payment Method and Tokens Package
  3. Depending on which you choose, either SegPay Or Epoch will come up
  4. Hit Pay with ____ (Payment processor)
  5. Enter your payment information and click to Complete Purchase


Chaturbate is currently one of the biggest tip based cam site in the world. At any given moment, Chaturbate usually has around 4000 cams online, streaming in up to 4K HD webcam quality. Chaturbate is filled with a plethora of flesh and action, and is known for models showcasing their costumes, wigs, and sexy accessories. It can get overly busy though, some chat rooms will have over 10,000 people watching and chatting at once. Not all models offer private shows/cam2cam, but when they do the recording is free, as it's usually free to open up your cam in the open chats.

Chaturbate cost per token - 9-11  cents
Cheapest Chaturbate prices - 6 tokens/min
Average Chaturbate prices - 30 tokens/min

Visit Chaturbate.com

How to to buy tokens on Chaturbate

Steps to buying tokens on Chaturbate

  1. Click on (Get More)
  2. Choose a token package and a payment option then click continue to payment page
  3. Enter your payment information and click to Submit Payment
  4. Shower your favorite girls with tokens


Streamate is unique as far as cam sites are concerned. Usually you have to buy a tokens or credits package, but on Streamate you leave your payment information on file and pay as you go. At the end of each show you are charged for exactly what you spent. The site starts off with a $50.00 daily spending limit in place, which you can adjust. If you want to unlock it completely you will need to contact customer care. Note you can also use a prepaid card, which helps you watch after your budget even closer, and keep completely safe and anonymous.

Streamate cost per credit - Your local currency
Cheapest Streamate prices - $1.00/min
Average Streamate prices - $3.00/min

Visit Streamate.com

How to pay on Streamate

Steps to buying credits on Streamate

  1. Create your account
  2. Enter your payment information
  3. You will be charge for exactly what you spend


Cam4 has a lot of webcam models, but other than that it is quite lacking. The tokens are far more expensive than on any other freemium cam site. Furthermore, the site is filled with a ton of ads and pop ups which bombard you on ongoing basis. Many basic features are locked behind a monthly VIP package, which does indeed add some cool benefits, but not quite enough of them. If you like Cam4, but want a site a bit less intrusive, then please read our analysis on cam sites similar to Cam4.

Cam4 cost per token - 16-20 cents
Cheapest Cam4 prices - 6 tokens/min
Average Cam4 prices - 30 tokens/min

Visit Cam4.com

Cam4 allows you to pay for your tokens with gift cards

Steps to buying tokens on Cam4

  1. Click Buy
  2. Choose your payment method and package then click Continue
  3. Enter your payment information and hit Complete this Secure Purchase
  4. Get your tokens and start spending


A fantastic low cost adult cam site, Sexier.com has plenty of babes to offer its users. While the site isn't fully in HD, with some searching you can find beautiful webcam models with good video quality, who also offer low prices. Sexier has a loyalty program which makes it cheaper the more you use it. It also has multiple filters which makes it so easy to find your bliss, as you can also make multiple choices, from Fetishes to World Regions.

Sexier cost per credit - 1,00
Cheapest Sexier.com prices - 1.00 credits/min
Average Sexier.com prices - 2.00 credits/min

Visit Sexier.com

Click on your credit balance to reach the payment page on Sexier

Steps to buying credits on Sexier

  1. Click on your account balance
  2. Choose a package (And/or change biller if you like) and click to Buy Now!
  3. Submit your payment information
  4. Receive your credits and start chatting


Cams.com has great quality webcams and some seriously hot babes, but the prices are on the high end. The site tries to milk you for every dollar they can, you even have to pay extra for cam2cam. That being said, the chat rooms have multiple features, however costly, you can enjoy. There are games you can play to get the model to perform certain acts, Buzzmode to control her sex toy, and you can gifts, too. The quality of the models is the highlight of this simple, basic premium site.

Cams.com cost per token - 10-12 cents
Cheapest Cams.com prices - 30 tokens/min
Average Cams.com prices - 30 tokens/min

Visit Cams.com

On Cams.com you have multiple options regarding payment

Steps to buying tokens on Cams.com -

New users are usually immediately met with a payment age upon registration. If it doesn't appear, this is how you can buy credits on Cams.com

  1. Click your username to open the drop-down menu
  2. Select the orange Buy Tokens
  3. Choose a package and enter your payment information
  4. Place your order and receive your tokens
  5. Start enjoying the nude shows on Cams.com


xLoveCam is a European cam site filled with continental cam girls, which means a much raunchier and naughtier POV. If you're looking for a hottie with and accent and cheap private shows, xLoveCam is there for you. Many of the webcam models speak a whole range of languages, we've even seen babes that speak five or more languages. Overall, xLoveCam has great quality HD webcams, but they can be slow to load. The grainy images generally improve after a few seconds. Also note Topless Mondays (Every week!), which is an event no one should miss.

xLoveCam cost per credit - 1.00
Cheapest xLoveCam prices - €1.20 credits/min
Average xLoveCam prices - €1.80 credits/min

Visit xLoveCam.com

Look for the orange Add Credits button xLoveCam

Steps to buying credits on xLoveCam

  1. Click on Add Credits
  2. Choose a payment method
  3. Choose a package size
  4. Submit your payment and receive your credits
  5. You are now ready to tip and take models into private sessions


BongaCams is a fantastic adult webcam site, if you can get past the pop ups. They have a ton of models, great streaming webcams (Up to 4K HD quality), and a fun, colorful user interface. They even offer 24/7 live customer support. The downside is that BongaCams will spam you with reminders to make a purchase until you actually buy something. The pop ups mostly stop once you have tokens in your account, but you will still get the occasional notification. One of the site's highlights is the live cam promotions, such as 100 free tokens (Worth $10) if you pay via your mobile device.

BongaCams cost per token - 5-8 cents
Cheapest BongaCams prices - 60 tokens/min
Average BongaCams prices - 60 tokens/min

Visit BongaCams.com

BongaCams offers many types of ways to pay for tokens

Steps to buying tokens on BongaCams

  1. Click on Buy Tokens
  2. Choose a payment method, token package, and payment processor
  3. Click Buy Tokens
  4. Complete the purchase
  5. Receive your tokens and start chatting


How much private cam shows cost varies from site to site. The table at the top of the page shows the lowest and average prices are on each of the best webcam platforms. Overall, if we are to recommend just one site, it would be CamSoda. They have the hottest babes, the most exciting and cheap webcam shows, plenty of tags covering any porn niche you can think of, free show recordings, free pre-recorded content, connectivity to the model's social media accounts, and above all, live cam mobile c2c. Buying tokens on CamSoda is easy. All you need to do is look for the Add Tokens button.

Visit CamSoda.com

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