The Top 5 Live Amateur Webcam Sites for 2015

Who Have Been the Movers and Shakers of the Last Twelve Months

Welcome one and all to 2015. May the New Year bring you a great many wonderful things, including the knowledge of the very best live adult webcam chat sites.

It is hard to believe that 2014 is already a thing of the past, condemned to the history pages. Luckily, the best things of 2014 are back again for the coming twelve months. Amateur chat sites are set for another strong year, and in the rest of this article we will be taking a look at the Best Webcam Sites Top Five Tips for 2015. Which sites have made the final five? Who has moved and who has fallen from graces during the last year.

1 LiveJasmin – The Best of the Best for the Second Year Running

LiveJasmin have always had a reputation for being a top quality live adult cams site, and for the second year running, we at Best Webcam Sites have agreed that LiveJasmin is still leagues ahead of the field and rightfully deserving of the number one spot.

LiveJasmin Babes Rock the Adult Webcam World

The site have a competitive pricing strategy, and shows can start from as low as 90 cents per minute. The site even offer two different bonuses available to all of those that sign up. One is ten free sneak peeks. These are twenty second glimpses into any live adult webcam show you wish. The other is a bonus of worth up to $10.99 when you first add funds to your account. Coupled with great shows, a huge model base and a great screen size, LiveJasmin are everything you could want to find in a live amateur cams site.

2 – Second Place Doesn’t Suck When You are as Good as This

As last year ended, so does 2015 begin. were the second place live adult chat cams site in 2014 and they have clung onto the second spot for the coming twelve months also. When running against a site the likes of LiveJasmin, Sexier can rightfully claim the second spot as a certain triumph. There are a lot of Amateur Chat sites out there, and Sexier have worked hard to make sure that their grip on the second spot remains strong in 2015.

Hot Webcam Babes Are Ready to Play

A site with a huge list of active models, more than 70,000 can be found online at any one time. The models are always ready to give their all in order to ensure your satisfaction. Prices are a little cheaper than LiveJasmin, and the gap between the two is certainly narrowing. The additional show options is a big check in the plus column.

3 – The New Kids on the Block are a Force to be Reckoned With

In 2014 Chaturbate failed to make the top five. This year, they are in at the number three position and certainly have their eyes on the main prize. A well put together adult webcam chat site that has moved forward in leaps and bounds in 2014 they offer an approach to the live adult cams ideology that puts them ahead of the rest and closing in on the big guys.

Chaturbate is a site with a bright future ahead of it

Preferring to follow the ideal that free shows for all with something extra special based on the cumulative total of tips during the show rather than individual one on sessions, they have proven that it is possible to give everybody, members, guests and models alike, the best of all worlds.

4 – Holding Steady. A Solid Site Ready for the Next Level

ImLive were placed in the number four position last year and have held onto that spot for 2015. The site is good, it deserves to be ranked, but it has not made the advances that we had hoped for. The site has established itself and is in the position now where it needs to make the next step. Adding more features in chat would be a great start. It won’t take much to see ImLive moving higher up the ladder in twelve months’ time

Hot Models are Waiting for You at ImLive

The show prices start at 98 cents a minute, which is a good price for the cam quality and screen size that the site offers. A good selection of models and nice range of show choices allow for a good variety of times to be found, had and enjoyed.

5. – Slipping but Not to be Counted Out Just Yet is a site that has a lot to offer and a classical set up that speaks a lot about its history. An older site, and one that built itself up as one of the earlier adult webcam chat sites. It has stayed close to its live amateur cams roots and it could be said that now is the time to inject a little new life into things. The times are changing, and deserve the chance to be taken to the next level based on past influences alone.

Kisses from the Models at

Well priced adult chat cams starting at just 99 cents a minute certainly offers good value for money. The site remains free to join and offers one of the easiest sign ups around. You could do a lot worse than to spend an evening in the company of the wonderful live adult chat cam models at


There we have it, the list for 2015. We have a few new faces, and a few new positions for familiar names. We at Best Webcam Sites have high hopes for the live amateur chat sites industry in the coming year, and we cannot wait to see what is offered up by the sites that came close to making the list. One thing for sure is that you will not be bored during the year ahead. Rest up and brace yourselves, the adult webcam chat fun and games are only just beginning.

Happy New Year to you all, and may you have hours of private pleasure with all manner of beautiful live adult chat cam models.

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