The Best Bitcoin Sex Cam Sites - Learn to Use Them Securely

A Bitcoin cam site is any sex cam site that takes Bitcoin as a method of payment. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a virtual currency created as part of "A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System." The currency is also known as BTC. Bitcoin are unaffiliated with any country or governmental body. Their value is determined strictly by supply and demand. While the currency started off in the limelight, it has slowly begun to be accepted as a form of payment in more places. While just a few short years ago, there were just one or two sex cam sites that accepted Bitcoin, it is unsurprising that the number of sex cam sites that take Bitcoin has grown.

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We at BestWebcamSites don't like to waste time. So we're going to be upfront - LiveJasmin has the best bitcoin cams. LiveJasmin has the hottest webcam models, the best quality HD cams, and all with the ability to pay anonymously by Bitcoin. If you want to head straight to the action, we recommend going to LiveJasmin. Otherwise, read on for the full list.


Sexy blue eyed webcam model that accepts Bitcoin payments

The Best Sex Cam Sites That Take Bitcoin

At present, there are six Bitcoin cam sites that are worthy of mention. We have written a short and concise review for each site explaining its general pluses and minuses. Where possible, we referred specifically to the Bitcoin cam girls and cam studs. We also included a short mini-guide, in case you get lost. Our list of best sites was created with the best Bitcoin cam sites at the top, working downwards.


As far as we are concerned, LiveJasmin is the best Bitcoin webcam site the internet has to offer. The site features every category you could think of from teens, to matures, and even pregnant cams. But, that's not all - LiveJasmin also has the best couples cams and the best tranny cams. What truly makes LiveJasmin stand out among the competition is their stringent quality control policies. LiveJasmin is the only site that requires that everyone broadcasts with a minimum 720 HD camera.

As you should rightfully expect, most chat rooms are run at the full 1080. 


Redheaded Bitcoin cam girl

LiveJasmin features the hottest Bitcoin cam girls, cam studs, and cam trannies. Seriously, when you browse through the pages looking for your dream girl, all you will find is pages upon pages of beautiful women. It's like looking through a fashion magazine, but they are cam girls so you can actually get them to strip and more. With regards to BTC payments, LiveJasmin offers the most lucrative deal out of all the Bitcoin cam sites. You get up to 9.99 credits on your first purchase and on every 5th purchase. Other sites only offer you a bonus on the first purchase.  

By the way - 

LiveJasmin is the only Bitcoin webcam site that accepts additional cryptocurrencies, you can also pay by Litecoin.

How to buy credits with Bitcoin on LiveJasmin:

Buying credits with Bitcoin

  1. Click on the Get Credits box at the top right of the page.
  2. LiveJasmin starts you off from step 2. Click to go back to step 1 - Payment method.
  3. A list will appear, choose Bitcoin/Litecoin.
  4. Click on the credits package you want to purchase.
  5. Choose Bitcoin.
  6. Complete the transfer and get your credits.


Flirt4Free is a Bitcoin sex cam site which has been around for a long time, but has recently been making giant strides to improve. While in the past their HD cams appeared pixelated and slow, they are now near flawless in speed and quality. But that isn't the only improvement they've made, they've also been opening up to other alternative payment methods including BTC and even giftcards! In terms of models, Flirt4Free has a selection of very fine babes, but the numbers are somewhat limited. We can expect to see that as Flirt4free continues to improve itself, it will attract new models for us to watch.


Flirt4Free Bitcoin camgirl

Flirt4Free might have a more limited model selection than other sites, but you can find yourself an amazing bargain. While most cam shows are quite expensive, Flirt4Free has the "strike me an offer" feature. You can work out a deal with your favorite Bitcoin camgirl on the site. With regards to buying with BTC, Flirt4Free has a pretty good deal. You get free Credits on any purchase over $100, but it is only on your first purchase. We did the math, you get more credits when paying with credit card than you do with BTC.

How to top up credits with Bitcoin on Flirt4Free:

Buying credits with Bitcoin

  1. Click on your username at the top right of the page.
  2. Click on BILLING then on Add Payment Account.
  3. Click to pay by Bitcoin.
  4. Click Buy Now under the package you want.
  5. Transfer the funds, don't forget to provide an email in case something goes wary. 


Chaturbate is currently the leading free Bitcoin sex cam site. The vast majority of camgirls focus on the free chat where they set goals and perform in public when they are reached. While sites like LiveJasmin focus on paid private chats, Chaturbate focuses on on drawing in as many users as possible and giving them as many payment options as possible. As a result, there are often cam rooms with over ten thousand people watching. When the tips flow, you can find some very enjoyable shows.

That being said,

When there's a ton of viewers, you get less ability to control the flow of the show.


Chaturbate Bitcoin cam girls

In terms of how many Bitcoin cam girls, boys, and transgenders Chaturbate has online, it's hard to say. They don't give you an exact number like other sites do, but you will often find that there are over 23 pages to scroll through. Considering there's nearly 100 models a page, that's a ton of babes to look through. Video quality on Chaturbate is quite inconsistent from room to room. Models can broadcast in anything from 240p to above HD. As a user, you can adjust the quality of the cams in some rooms, to improve streaming speeds if necessary. 

In terms of Bitcoin, Chaturbate is a mixed bag. We noticed that while you don't get free tokens, paying by cryptocurrency does save you some money in terms of sheer cost. What's unique about Chaturbate, is that you can actually get refunds, even for Bitcoin payments.

Buying tokens with Bitcoin on Chaturbate:

Buying tokens with Bitcoin

  1. Click on Add Credits at the pages top right hand corner.
  2. Select Bitcoin and enter the number of tokens you want.
  3. Click Continue to payment page
  4. Complete the payment with your eWallet and get your tokens.


BongaCams is a great Bitcoin sex cam site with tons of babes and a decent selection of HD cams. Out of all the Bitcoin sex cams on this list, BongaCams has the best multinational support. There are over 27 language options available. If English isn't your native language and you would find it easier to navigate a site in another language, BongaCams might be the place for you. The biggest drawback of BongaCams is the number of pop ups they give you to get you to sign up and buy tokens. As long as you have tokens you won't get the popups, regardless of whether you got them by credit card or cryptocurrency.


BongaCams Bitcoin camgirl

Looking at BongaCams, you will see that it is a mixture between Chaturbate and LiveJasmin. You can find many cam rooms filled with nudity and you can also find lots of rooms filled with Bitcoin camgirls waiting for private sessions. It doesn't seem that this was an intended feature, but more of how it turned out. BongaCams is very liberal with letting camgirls do as they please. When buying tokens on Bongacams, you get the same sales promotions as when buying with Bitcoin, as you do with credit cards. This is great, considering that buying tokens with Bitcoin is already cheaper. You can expect to save some money on every transaction.

How to purchase tokens with Bitcoin on BongaCams:

Buying tokens with Bitcoin

  1. Click the green Buy Tokens button at the top right hand corner of the page.
  2. Choose Bitcoin as the payment method.
  3. Enter in the amount of tokens you want.
  4. Click Buy Tokens.
  5. Complete the payment and receive your tokens.


While most adult camsites focus on the English language, XLoveCam is a Bitcoin sex cam site that specializes in European languages. While the menus all come in the standard English, you are prompted to speak with webcam girls that speak German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese. In general, you will find that most of the models speak English. That being said, it is our recommended Bitcoin sex cam site if you want to practice "pick up" lines before going overseas on holiday or just want to practice your mother tongue.


XLoveFetish Bitcoin cam girl

The video quality on XLoveCam is pretty good. HD cam rooms are clearly labelled and can be found quite easily. However, many of the rooms labelled as HD don't feel quite as HD as the other sites on this list. The quality on LiveJasmin in particular is much better than on XLoveCam. Still, the large selection of European Bitcoin cam girls makes this site totally worth checking out. XLoveCam's credits are  €1 each. It doesn't matter how you pay, there's no free credits and the price stays the same. 

How to buy credits with Bitcoin on XLoveCam:

Adding credits with Bitcoin

  1. Click on Add Credits at the top right of the page.
  2. Click on Bitcoin.
  3. Choose the amount you would like to spend.
  4. Complete your payment with your Bitcoin wallet.

*Bitcoin is currently disabled on, we will update if and when it returns* has been around for a long time, so long, that it managed to snag the domain Cams. As you should expect from any site that has manged to survive in the ever competitive field of adult cam sites, has worked hard to keep it's place in the market. In their quest, has introduced very high quality cams. These high quality cams in conjunction with the tens of thousands of models they have amassed over the last two decades, give users plenty of HD rooms to choose from. That being said, while HD, the screen size is much smaller than other such as our top contender, LiveJasmin.

Visit Bitcoin camgirl has hundreds of rooms online at any given point of the day. At the time of writing, there are over 600 online, with over 420 of the being solo Bitcoin cam girls. The rest are couple cams, male cams, and shemale cams. Overall, we can say that we have never seen less than 500 rooms online at any given time. With regards to BTC payments, does not offer you the 100 free Tokens on your first purchase. For that, you will have to pay by credit card.

How to purchase tokens with Bitcoin on

Getting tokens with Bitcoin

  1. Click on the orange "+" at the page top right hand corner.
  2. Choose a package and scroll down.
  3. Under Enter Payment Information, click Bitcoin.
  4. Click the orange Continue button.
  5. Transfer the agreed upon BTC amount to

Benefits of Bitcoin Cam Sites

Bitcoin camsites provide you with a number of benefits as a user. Mainly, these benefits have to do with your privacy and security. In some cases, paying by cryptocurrency can be cheaper than using traditional forms of payment. We will elaborate and expand on each point.

LiveJasmin Bitcoin cam girl


Bitcoin is arguably the most private method of payment in the world, other than cash. When you buy things with Bitcoin, there is no receipt and no bank statement. You don't have to worry about your wife discovering how much you spend on Bitcoin cam girls. While every Bitcoin transaction is recorded on a ledger, the transactions are anonymous and nearly impossible to trace back to a user. It would require FBI level detective skills and sleuthing to discover your secret.  


We can tell you upfront, the sites we recommend all have top notch security, regardless of how you pay. But still, we realize that not everyone is comfortable with giving out their cc info online. This is where Bitcoin can help you out. With Bitcoin, you can buy whatever you want without ever having to worry about your 16 digits being stolen and used. All you need to do is create a secure password for your e wallet. 


As you may have noticed throughout the Bitcoin cam sites reviews, some of the sites offer you better prices when you pay by Bitcoin. This should be the case on all sites, but sadly it isn't yet. The reason all Bitcoin webcam sites should offer better prices is because when the customer pays by Bitcoin, the site makes more money. Without exchange rates and transaction fees, the site makes 100% of what you spend.

It makes sense that some sites aren't giving a big discount on Bitcoin, it is seen by some as a dangerous currency.

Downsides of Spending Bitcoin on Cam girls

As we mentioned, the main benefits are privacy and security. As a user, there is nothing more anonymous than BTC. But, not everything is perfect, spending Bitcoin on cam girls does have its negatives too. Arguably, the volatility of the coin makes it not worth spending.

Bitcoin camgirl on LiveJasmin

Changing Prices

If you have kept up with the Bitcoin at all over the past few years, you might remember when Bitcoin was talked about as kind of a joke and each one was worth just a few dollars. These days, the Bitcoin is worth over $10,000 each. As the value of the Bitcoin continues to rise, it can be argued that the cryptocurrency is a commodity which should be held onto like a stock. If you spend all your Bitcoin today and the price jumps tomorrow, you won't be jumping for joy.

If you want privacy and security, but don't want to spend your Bitcoin, we recommend checking out the list of all the sex cam sites that accept PayPal.

No Chargebacks

When you buy things with your credit card or PayPal, you have someone to contend with in the event that something goes wrong. This isn't the case when you pay by BTC. With cryptocurrency, it is really up to you to work out your problem with the other party in question. You can't do chargebacks and there's no Bitcoin hotline to help you get your money back.

As mentioned under Chaturbate, it is the only site that will give you Bitcoin refunds.


In conclusion, Bitcoin sex cams give you more privacy and security than any other form of payment. You can pay for all the Bitcoin cam girls you want, without anyone ever being able to find out. Our choice for the best Bitcoin sex cam site is LiveJasmin. With the best HD cams, the most in depth customer support, and glamour quality models, it is easy to see why the world is infatuated with LiveJasmin. If you're going to look at just one site, we recommend checking them out. 


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