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Last Updated September 14, 2022

It's obvious why you would look for the cheapest cam sites the internet has to offer. You want to watch cheap cams and not have to shell out tons of cash. We did the investigating and found the best money saving methods which can be used across different sites. Most xxx webcam sites have cheap cams. We searched far and wide to compare costs across sites to be able to give you an accurate representation of what you can find on each of them. - Cheapest Overall

CamSoda is a pioneer in technological innovation. With the rise in mobile technologies over the years, CamSoda has stayed at the forefront with a mobile first approach. The site has some of the cheapest private shows starting at $0.48 a minute. Free show recordings and cam2cam may be included, even on mobile devices.

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CamSoda cheapest private cam rooms

Tokens cost between 8 and 12 cents each, depending on which package you purchase. There is free nudity on the site. You can tip for requests and goals in the free chat rooms. It would be highly irregular to find a webcam model that demands a tribute prior to starting a private show, as could be found on other freemium cam sites.

Private shows have set price increments, starting from 6 tokens a minute. Using the best value tokens package, you can get a private show from $0.48 a minute. The next price increment, 12 tokens a minute, would still be at under a dollar a minute, which is very affordable. There are no minimum chat durations.

When a model offers free show recordings, the shows are automatically added to your My Collection section within 15 minutes of the end of the show. You can rewatch these videos for free at your leisure.

CamSoda, is one of the leading cam sites for mobile cam2cam.

Visit - Cheapest Luxury

With so may cam sites mostly hosting amateur webcam models, LiveJasmin is the place for professional performers. LiveJasmin's higher quality makes it slightly more expensive, but still affordable, starting at $1.10 a minute. Activating cam2cam in private shows usually costs an additional dollar or two each minute. VIP shows are even cheaper, but you can't turn on your webcam.

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LiveJasmin has cheap premium cam rooms

Credits on LiveJasmin cost between $1.13 and $1.28, depending on the credits package chosen. As LiveJasmin is a premium site, there is no nudity in the free chat rooms. While you might occasionally see the accidental flash, you shouldn't waste your time trying to tip for requests.

LiveJasmin has a ton of price levels, starting from 0.98 credits a minute. That is $1.10 a minute if you are getting the best value credits package. LiveJasmin has an always live policy. There are no show recordings/videos to purchase on the site. Model fan clubs give you access to model photos, but that's about it.

LiveJasmin has long maintained it's position as the number #1 out of all premium adult webcam sites.

Visit - Cheapest Multi-user C2C

Most sites decide to be premium or freemium, but Flirt4Free sits somewhere in the middle. You have some nudity in the free chat rooms, but it is not as gratuitous as on a site like CamSoda. There are two main paid show types, multi-user chat and private shows. Paid shows start from $0.45 a minute, with cam2cam included.

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Flirt4Free cheapest multi-user shows

Credits on Flirt4Free cost 9 cents each, regardless of the credits package chosen. The different packages do, however, give different first-time purchase bonuses, with the largest package giving the most. You can tip for requests, but most models aren't overly sexual in the free chat rooms. Unlike freemium sites, you can't tip 1 credit at a time. Tips can only be done in increments of 10.

Multi-user shows start at 5 credits a minute, which is $0.45 a minute. If you initiated the Multi-user show you can turn on your webcam and as long as no one else joins, it is a private show for dirt cheap. A real private show starts at 30 credits a minute, which is $2.70.

All paid shows on Flirt4Free are automatically recorded, but you will need to pay to rewatch them, unless you are paying for monthly VIP package.

Flirt4Free's VIP membership is the most rewarding VIP program of any cam site, giving you discounts on credits and coupon codes for shows with models.

Visit - Gets Cheaper Over Time

ImLive isn't the cheapest, but it is consistently cheap. The site rewards you based on your membership level. With each level you rise you are given additional benefits, including free credits, discounts, and more. Private shows included cam2cam and start from $0.98 a minute. Models can give you coupon codes, for discounted private shows with them.

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ImLive cheaper average priced private shows

Credits on ImLive cost exactly 1 dollar, regardless of the package chosen. ImLive is a premium site, so there is no nudity while in the free chat rooms. The free chat is there to discuss expectations for paid shows.

The cheapest private shows on ImLive start at $0.98. These shows are inclusive of cam2cam and you can choose to turn on a recording feature. Joining specific cam girls fan clubs will get you even cheaper rates when watching their shows.

While you can record any show, you will need to pay to rewatch it, at least until you climb up high enough in the membership tiers.

ImLive gives out occasional Treats, an alternative currency which can be used for recorded videos, full sex-multi-viewer, or pornstar shows. They can be exchanged for real credits, but the exchange rate is quite high.

Visit - Affordable Professional Models

LivePrivates is an upscale adult webcam site filled with beautiful models from all around the world. As a rule, the models on LivePrivates all need to broadcast at a minimum of 720p, but there is some leeway for new models. Private shows start from $1.10 a minute. Cam2cam is dependent on the model, so check before you start your show.

Current promotion - n/a


LivePrivates cheap glam cam private shows

Credits on LivePrivates cost between $1.13 and $1.28. LivePrivates is a mostly premium site. There is a new "Free Show" category where models are nude and perform for tips, but otherwise nudity can only be found in VIP and private shows.

The lowest priced private shows on LivePrivates start at $1.10 a minute, but the price can be higher if you bought a lower value credits package. Models can choose to charge extra for cam2cam and two way audio, in which case the price is usually double.

You cannot record private shows on LivePrivates and there aren't any videos which you can purchase.

Visit - Classy Freemium

Stripchat is a freemium site, but it is classier than most. There is an hourly tokens giveaway and live chat support is available to all users. This does make things a tad more expensive, but with private shows starting at $0.64 a minute it is still very manageable. Cam2cam and private shows are two separate show modes. The prices usually differ between the two.

Current promotion - Hourly token giveaway


Stripchat is not the cheapest, but affordable

Tokens on Stripchat cost between 8 and 11 cents each, with the largest tokens package giving the best value for money. Stripchat is filled to the brim with nudity in the free chat rooms. You can tip for requests or towards goals. Models are unlikely to ask for a gift to start a private show, but many models do set a minimum chat time.

Private shows costs on Stripchat are done in increments of 8. With the price of tokens, the real price is at least $0.64 cents a minute. The next level tier raises it to $1.28, which is still not too bad. Cam2cam shows start at the same price point, but some models charge more for a cam2cam show, so you might need to do a little searching.

Stripchat might be slightly more expensive for a freemium site, but that price gives you the added benefit of a cleaner user interface and better customer support.

Visit - Cheapest Token Price

BongaCams is Europe's largest freemium cam site, filled mainly with beautiful Russian women. When it comes to just tipping in the free chat room, BongaCams has the cheapest tokens. Private shows, however, aren't that cheap. All the models on the site have the same set price for private shows, 60 tokens a minute which is $3.00. Whether cam2cam is included or not depends on the model.

Current promotion - 100 free tokens on mobile


BongaCams has the cheapest sex cam tokens

BongaCams tokens cost between 5 and 7 cents each, depending on which tokens package you chose. The largest package offers the best value for money. As a largely free cam site, BongaCams has tons of nudity in the free chat rooms. You can tip for any requests you have, but most girls don't bother setting a goal.

Private shows on BongaCams have a set price of 60 tokens a minute, which with the best value tokens pacakge is $3.00 a minute. This price is not inclusive of cam2cam, but may be inclusive of a show recording. There are no minimum chat times, but the more popular models on the site may expect a tribute to start a show.

When it comes to just tipping to activate a Lovense device, BongaCams is probably the most affordable cam site, but for private shows it is less so.

Visit - Affordable Private Shows

There isn't really anything unique about Sexier. It does everything and it does it well. The video quality on the site isn't always the best, but the average price of private shows is below the industry standard. One on One shows start from $0.98 a minute. Cam2cam is always included with private shows, regardless of the model.

Current promotion - 15 free credits with first purchase


Sexier has inexpensive cam rooms

Regardless of the credits package chosen, all credits on Sexier cost exactly $1.00 each. There is no nudity permitted in the free chat rooms, so you shouldn't bother trying to tip for requests.

Private shows on Sexier start at $0.98 a minute, which is inclusive of cam2cam. There isn't a feature for show recordings on Sexier.

There is a customer loyalty tier which will start to award you with free credits later on. You gain points from various tasks which raise your tier, but it can take a significant amount of time until you start reaping the benefits.

Visit - Pay as You Go Cams

Streamate is entirely unique to other cam sites. Here, you don't buy tokens/credits. When you register your account you have to leave your payment method on file. You are then charged directly for what you spend. There are automatic spending limits in place, to avoid over splurging. Private shows can be found for under a dollar a minute. Whether c2c is available/possible will depend on the model.

Current promotion - n/a


Streamate cheap pay as you go cam site

Streamate has a concept called Gold which is the currency they use. This currency changes according to your local currency. The prices are then automatically calculated according to model prices. Many models will perform requests for tips while in the free chat rooms.

There is no real minimum price on Streamate. We have seen rooms marked $0.70 a minute and cheaper. However, there is no sort by price function, so trying to find the very cheapest girl online can be a fruitless endeavor, especially with so many to choose from. Just find a girl at a price level you accept and go for it.

Models on Streamate have complete discretion for cam2cam. They can choose to watch in privates, true privates, or not at all. Make sure to confirm prior to starting your show. There are no show recordings here.

Visit - C2C for a Set Price is the granddaddy of cam sites. It has been around since the dawn of the webcam. All models on the site charge the same price, and there isn't much of a difference in the value of the tokens packages. The price is $3.00 a minute, which isn't cheap. It's the cam2cam that's inexpensive. You can cam2cam in any show mode for 10 tokens a minute.

Current promotion - n/a

Visit has a cheap set price for cam2cam

Tokens on cost between 9 and 10 cents each. Honestly speaking, the difference between the package is marginal with a difference of 0.1 cents in either direction (9.9 cents vs 10 cents). Some models will perform for requests in the free chat rooms, but most prefer private shows.

Private shows on cost 30 tokens a minute. With the 9.9 cent tokens it works out to pretty much $3.00 a minute. This price is not inclusive of cam2cam for which you will need to pay an additional $1.00 a minute. You don't get show recordings on

There is a 30 token minimum for tipping on Alternatively you can interact directly with a model's lovense device by clicking in the Superbuzz area of the video screen. It's cheaper than tipping, but the minimum amount to tip differs from room to room.

Visit - Largest Selection of Low Cost Chat Rooms

Chaturbate is by far the largest cam site online. At any given time of the day, Chaturbate has at least double the model count found anywhere else. Even just looking at the cheapest rooms, there are more models to pick from than entire other sites. Private shows start at $0.54 a minute, which may include a show recording. Cam2cam is never technically included, so you should confirm with the model.

Current promotion - 200 free tokens with VIP package


Chaturbate biggest selection of cheap cam rooms

Tokens on Chaturbate cost between 9 and 11 cents each, based on the chosen package. The free chat rooms are filled with a large amount of nudity. Many models set goals and you can tip for requests. There are quite a few webcam models that don't do private shows at all.

Private shows start at 6 tokens a minute, $0.54 cents a minute if you bought the best value tokens package. Cam2cam is not included in private shows, most models will want an additional tip to watch you. Many of the models on Chaturbate offer free show recordings, but most of them also have a minimum chat time.

At this point in time, you can't do private shows on Chaturbate while using a mobile device.

The more popular girls on Chaturbate may expect a monetary tribute prior to initiating a private show.

Visit - Cheap European Cams

xLoveCam might be less known than some of the bigger competitors, but it has many great models and features. Most notably, xLoveCam has the fastest site on mobile devices and features an impressive video load speed when flicking between the rooms. Private shows on the site start from $0.80 a minute which is always inclusive of cam2cam.

Current promotion - Free VIP video with certain credit package purchases


xLoveCam has cheap European adult cams

There is a very tiny difference between the value of money of the credits packages. Credits cost between $1.13 and $1.16 each. You will find that there are some models willing to perform for tips in the free chat rooms, especially on Topless Mondays.

While the search function only lets you search by rooms less than 1,60 credits, there are actually rooms for less than half of that. The problem is, that you can't filter for them within the price range. Cam2cam is included in every private show, but you don't get a free recording.

The site has occasional free VIP video gifts, but honestly these videos are 1-2 minutes long and quite boring.

Visit - Cheap in Free Chat

MyFreeCams was the original freemium cam site. While everyone else focused on private shows, MyFreeCams drew in the crowds with tip-based shows. MyFreeCams is great for free chat tipping, but is prohibitively expensive when it comes to private shows. Private cam shows start from $4.80 a minute, which is not inclusive of cam2cam.

Current promotion - n/a


MyFreeCams affordable tokens for tipping

MyFreeCams tokens cost between 8 and 10 cents each. The three available packages are clearly marked so you know the value of tokens per package. MyFreeCams is filled with nudity. The majority of the webcam hosts will perform for requests in the free chat rooms.

MyFreeCams is more prohibitive when it comes to private shows. All of the models on the site have a set price of 60 tokens a minute. If you choose to purchase the best value package, 60 tokens a minute comes to $4.80 a minute, which is not inclusive of cam2cam or a free show recording.

Furthermore, the more popular girls on the site will expect a tribute, or at least for you to be a part of their fan clubs, in order to start a private show.

Visit - Expensive for a Freemium

People ask about it, so we'll include it, but Cam4 isn't really that cheap. The price of tokens on Cam4 is double what you'll find on other freemium sites, meaning that even the minimal tipping amounts in the free chat is twice as expensive. Private shows start at $0.96 which is still affordable, but cam2cam has been stripped as a feature from the site completely. If you are into c2c sessions, there are better places to go.

Current promotion - 100 free tokens with VIP package


Cam4 affordable live sex shows

Tokens on Cam4 cost 16 to 20 cents each, with the largest package giving the best value for cost. You can tip for requests in the free chat rooms. Some models set goals, but they don't seem to be reached very often.

The cheapest private shows on Cam4 start from 6 tokens a minute, which comes to $0.96 a minute. Many of the models set a minimum show time. There are no show recordings and if you want to cam2cam, the only way is to set yourself up as a broadcaster.

Cam4's main appeal seems to be the strong community built around it. There are many users that add each other as friends and sit around chatting all day.

Visit - Cheapest VR Cam Site

While everyone other site here is a traditional cam site, SexLikeReal focuses only on VR cams. The number of cam rooms online is quite small, but the only other place for VR cams is Stripchat, and the selection there is even smaller. Private shows are surprisingly cheap, starting at $1.32 a minute. There is no cam2cam, because you are wearing your VR headset.

Current promotion - n/a


SexLikeReal cheap live VR porn

Tokens on SexLikeReal cost between 11 and 12 cents each, with only a marginal difference between the packages. Most of the VR webcam models seem to be willing to perform for tips in the free chat rooms. The rooms don't have goals, so you should really just ask if you want to see something specific.

Private shows on the site start from 12 tokens a minute, $1.32 a minute with the better value tokens package. There is no sort by price function, and it easier to find girls at the 16 token a minute mark, which is $1.76 a minute. SexLikeReal has a slightly higher cost, but VR cameras are expensive to purchase, so higher fees make sense.

Most models on SexLikeReal have a minimum show time of at least a couple of minutes. Sadly, you will not receive recordings of these shows.


The Cheapest Cam Sites Online

Each of these cam sites has a unique feature which makes it affordable. It's hard to say exactly which is cheapest, as you get different things for what you pay. We've included a break down of the costs and the benefits each of the cheap cam sites has.

A Side-by-Side Comparison of the Cheapest Cam Sites

The following table features a breakdown of the cheapest sex cams you can find. We determined the prices of credits/tokens on each site, then labeled whether there if free nudity or not. If there is free nudity you can more than likely tip on the site to make requests. If the amount is limited, you might need to switch to a private show if your requests are more extreme.

The private show costs are determined using the best value tokens/credits package along with the cheapest private shows available on each mentioned site.

SiteToken priceNude Free ChatPrivate cost/minc2c

Want to Save Even More Money?

Many of these cheap sex chat sites accept Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is not regulated by the government. It is anonymous and carries no taxes. When you buy sex cam tokens with Bitcoin, the price is usually lower than when you pay by credit card.

We included some of the promotions here, but not all of them. You should check out our list of the best sex cam promotions if you want to check out more opportunities to save some money.


When looking for cheap cam private shows, it comes down to two main sites, either Flirt4Free or CamSoda. Between the two, CamSoda provides a better value for money, as other users can't join in on the show and there is a good chance you will get a free show recording.

The situation is somewhat different if you are looking to just tip in the free chat rooms. In that case, the cheapest cam site would be BongaCams, with its super low token prices.

Between the prices of tipping in free chat rooms and benefits in private shows, CamSoda is our ultimate recommendation.


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