How to Not Get Banned as a LiveJasmin Broadcaster

Last Updated September 18, 2022

LiveJasmin is perhaps the most luxurious cam site in the industry. It focuses in high-quality private cams, and caters to big fish who don't mind spending more for better quality. It's therefore no wonder why it's one of the most popular cam sites to become a model on. But, since it's so high-end, LiveJasmin is also very stringent about who can stream on its platform and in what manner.

If you dream of being a cam model on this luxury cam site, there are a few rules you'll need to follow in order to avoid getting banned from the webcams platform.


LiveJasmin's major rules:

  1. Underage content - You are not permitted to have an underage (younger than 18 years of age) or underage looking person appear in your webcam preview image or on your stream. The same rule applies if you mention that there is an underage person present, if you pretend to be below the legal age, or if you engage in conversation where either party is talking about minors in a sexual manner.
  2. Bestiality - It's fine to have a pet appear on screen, but you are not permitted to involve it in your show in any sexual way. This includes pretending to or talking about such actions.
  3. Prerecorded shows - LiveJasmin is a live adult video chat site, so it’s very important for models to provide live content. Intentionally cheating the system and the customers by using prerecorded streams is strictly prohibited.

If you break any of these rules, all your accounts will be immediately closed and all your earnings will be withdrawn. You won't have a chance to defend yourself if the violation was clearly shown or heard on your stream. Once your account is suspended, chances are you won't be able to re-register on the site. If your actions also violated the law, your details will be sent to the relevant authorities.

LiveJasmin's moderate rules:

  1. Exchanging, giving out, asking for or accepting personal information - Exchanging, giving out, asking for, or accepting personal and contact information is prohibited on LiveJasmin. This includes the exchange of: real names, addresses, messenger IDs, phone numbers, email addresses, and social networking site contacts.
  2. Unregistered person using the account - All incomes earned by involving unregistered persons will be also deducted, because LiveJasmin is in partnership only with the registered account owners.
  3. Misleading about gender - Do not register in a category which features models from a sex other than your own. Do not intentionally mislead customers regarding your gender.
  4. Being online with inappropriate camera quality - LiveJasmin's members are seeking the best quality service regarding camera feeds and images. This is why they choose LiveJasmin. You won't be able to reactivate your account until you improve the quality of your camera feed.
  5. Failing to communicate with an admin - LiveJasmin's site administrators may contact you anytime via Private Chat while you are online. The reasons for contacting you are numerous, and include: providing technical help, giving useful advice, information about temporary site related problems or information about member feedback, calling your attention to the rules, or plainly for identification purposes. Since administrators will only contact you when it’s important, you are disallowed from closing the chat or refusing to communicate with them. The same rule applies for being rude or arrogant with them.
  6. Offering or accepting escort services - You are not permitted to offer or accept escort services. LiveJasmin follows US prostitution laws, so this is completely disallowed.
  7. Promoting other web services - Talking about other web services is not permitted on LiveJasmin. Advertising or promoting third party services or other websites during your time on LiveJasmin is strictly forbidden.
  8. Showing or talking about prohibited content - The following is not permitted to be shown or discussed on stream:
    • Incest roleplay - You are not permitted engage in incest roleplay with a member.
    • Drugs/alcohol - You are not permitted to be seen taking any kind of drug (alcohol included) on cam, whether it be prescription and recreational. You're also not allowed to be intoxicated while streaming.
    • Weapons - You are not permitted to show any type of weapon on cam, even as part of a fetish. Are you into knife play? Then find another site for that.
    • Blood - You are not permitted to show blood on cam, even if it's fake. This includes menstruation.
    • No vomit, feces, or urine - No dirty shows are allowed.
    • Brutality - You are not permitted to show any brutality on cam, even if it's fake. This includes using or pretending to use sharp objects like knives, using anything that wasn't specifically designed to be a dildo as such, erotic asphyxiation, rape roleplay, violence, torture, etc. Any action that could potentially cause harm is disallowed.
    • Offensive content or hate speech - You are not permitted to show any hate symbols or words or to talk in any way that would be considered hate speech.

If you break any of these rules, all your accounts will be immediately suspended for (at least) 24 hours. During this time you cannot register new accounts. After that period, your account will be automatically opened. Only two accounts can be released from suspension, the others will be closed. If such a violation occurs again, the same sanctions take effect. On the third occasion all accounts will be permanently closed, though you may register one last account. If you then violate another one of these rules, all your accounts will be permanently closed and you won’t be allowed to re-register.

LiveJasmin's minor rules:

  1. Sexually explicit content in Free Chat - Showing sexually explicit content in your preview image, the Free Chat or Non-Nude areas is prohibited. The following is considered by LiveJasmin to be sexually explicit content:
    • You have to assure that your private body parts are never visible. Covering your genitals with your hands is not sufficient.
    • Wearing transparent underwear (especially if you are naked under these).
    • Touching your genitals (even through underwear).
    • Any kind of sexually explicit activity (oral sex, use of sex toys, masturbation, etc.).
    • Showing or using sex toys.
    • Underwear lowered half way down.
    • Spreading legs.
    • Zoom on intimate body parts.
    • Stick buttocks out.
    • Be in poses referring to sexual acts.
    • Masturbate, even if it isn’t visible in the feed.
    • Massage and/or caress breasts.
    • Taped nipples.
    • Moaning, sighing, or making any sexually suggestive sounds.
    • For male models: Being topless or wearing underwear for male models (you should wear shorts or trousers which properly cover genitals from sticking out). Also, showing erect penis through the trousers or sticking out genitals.
  2. Non-glamorous attire or room - Models need to wear proper clothing so that their body is covered suitably and need to engage with users in a well decorated room with a sophisticated atmosphere. Your outfit and room should reflect a high-end, sophisticated atmosphere, and your face must be visible (masks are prohibited in Free Chat).
  3. Being out of camera view - You must remain visible at all times. This mainly means your face, as only showing body parts like your hand or leg is considered as being out of camera view. If you need to leave, you should sign off. A good rule of thumb is to have your toys and accessories in a concealed place within reach, that way you would not need to leave the chat unattended to fetch them from another room.
  4. Eating / Using phone in Free Chat - Your customers must see that you are eager to be in private with them. If you are on your phone, customers may leave your room and look for models who appear available. If you are in the middle of your meal, it’s just simply unattractive. Again, looking busy and unconcerned is something which you need to avoid. Such activities are only allowed in Member Chat area, where your camera feed is not visible to visitors.
  5. Sleeping or complete inactivity - Members look for active partners for private shows. If you are sleeping or otherwise inactive, they will look for someone else.
  6. Inactivity, refused requests, stalling for time - Pay attention to customers. Try your best to be talkative and nice, and to respond and react to your customers’ requests. During private sessions you need to fulfill the members’ requests according to your willingness list and what was agreed upon, in time. Performers registered in the nude category need to engage in nudity.
  7. Asking for money - Do not ask for a Surprise or a Tip from members in exchange for Free Chat nude shows. Members may also consider it pushy and offensive. Also, note that transaction attempts outside of LiveJasmin’s system can be dangerous and that LiveJasmin cannot take any responsibility for a possible incident.
  8. Being Online without live camera feed - Always turn on your cam. No visitor will take you to a private show and risk watching a black screen.
  9. Unregistered person in the background - The accounts on LiveJasmin are to be used only by registered account owners who have registered with valid government issued identification documents and photos. Do not let other people appear in your shot, even for a short period of time. The same rule applies for your uploaded images and videos.
  10. Unacceptable behavior - This includes being rude at members outside of roleplaying activities, kicking them out of private chat, deliberately ignoring them, etc.
  11. No English in Free Chat - Make sure that you only speak in English while being in Free Chat, as most of LiveJasmin's members are from English-speaking countries.

If you break any of these rules, you will be sanctioned. Minor penalties expire after 30 days, during which time any more minor rules you violate will result in an increase of the sanctions you'll receive. This is the progression of the sanctions: warning > $5 deduction to your earnings > $10 deduction to your earnings > 24 hour suspension > 72 hour suspension > 168 hour suspension > closure of account.

LiveJasmin's unwritten rules:

  1. Getting involved in fraud - If you believe a user is involved in credit card fraud, ban him from your room and report him to customer support.
  2. Using real uniforms - Cosplaying is permitted, but you should not perform in a real uniform that represents an organization. You can dress up like a cop, but not in a real cop's uniform, as that can carry legal action against you.
  3. Breaking copyright/trademark laws - Avoid doing things that would get you a cease and desist letter from a legitimate company.
  4. Defaming LiveJasmin - Avoid making written or verbal defaming or disparaging remarks against LiveJasmin or the services it offers, or encouraging others to do so.


While LiveJasmin is one of the best sites to broadcast yourself from, there are many other LiveJasmin alternative sites that you may enjoy working with just as well.

So, as you can see, LiveJasmin is pretty strict. It is, after all, a lavish premium cam site that puts a strong emphasis on quality, safety and security of both the models and the members of the site. The rules above are quite heavily enforced, so do your best to stick within their confines.

Ultimately, though, these rules are meant to aid and protect you as well, and they're not that hard to follow. Do so, and you'll become part of one of the most lavish adult chat sites in the world, and benefit from all that comes with it.

Good luck!


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  • BigNippleLover19

    It seems you have relaxed your frontal nudity restrictions in free chat, especially when a model is preparing or a VIP show.This is good news and I might consider purchasing credits if this policy continues.I hope LJ will return to the days o old when the rules weren't so strict.This is not Facebook Live or Tik Tok.Also, I have noticed that you had had a shortage of "ebony" models. You have seemed to add many and this is a good thing.In my opinion, your strict policies have caused many models to quit your site. Don't judge your success by the number of registered models as many of them have not signed in in months.

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