Flirt4Free Review – Flirt Live on Cam with Gorgeous Women is an online live chat show service that provides direct links to a multitude of live adult webcams all staffed by live webcam models offering a range of ‘services’ from free chat rooms and flirty fun to a more intimate adult webcams chat show where the clothes come off and the real fun begins. With 120 free credits, it's hard to resist the temptation of creating a free username and enjoy the premium member benefits for a short while.

The aim of this review is to breakdown the services of the site and enable our readers to make an informed decision as to whether the site is the live chat show place for you, which it is more often than not.


Screenshot of Free Chat
Free Chat

Navigating is Easy

The main webcam loads, as do the majority of other adult webcams sites, by showing you a selection of live streaming free cam rooms in order to tempt users into the live chat show world without a second thought. The main background of the site is black and with no borders between the various menus it flows into one large screen. The result is this is a slightly less than professional appearance, but on the other side of the coin, attention is immediately drawn to the live chat show links.

The homepage loads with a vertical menu structure, offering a main and then sub navigation system. The upper menu allows users to move through the site:

  • Live Chat – This link takes users to the main page of the site, the adult webcams. Here cam feeds can be opened and free chat rooms entered.
  • Video – Maybe members favorite model is not online, well a video will always be there. Direct links to adult webcams videos. Videos can only be viewed my registered members
  • VIP – VIP Membership is a special membership for members only that comes with many additional site perks
  • Profiles – Biographies of the adult webcams models allowing users the chance to learn more about their favorite live chat show stars before entering the free chat rooms they host. Profiles can be searched for by model name or through various very specific filters.
  • Free Sign up – A user name, email address and password are all that is required to join flir4free.

Screenshot of Top Navigation
Top Navigation

Sign up for free in under one minute

Creating your own free user is as easy as it can get, first you choose a username, a password, and enter your email address.

Screenshot of Free Signup
Free Signup

Then you only need to verify your email address by clicking a link you receive by mail, and you're good to go. It's worth noting that Flirt 4 Free have a friendly sense of humor, and a special place in their heart for anyone who tries to use a fake address. After filling out the above form, you get a small message referring to an option that anyone might have used a fake email address and that it's ok by them as long as you enter your real email address at this stage.

Screenshot of Email Confirmation Screen
Email Confirmation Screen

HD Webcam Chat and Elaborate Profile Pages

Once you have a free user you get some perks, like chatting to the models when they're in free webcam chat, and the experience is easy and fun! They tease you and tempt you to the point of no return and you understand that enjoying the privilege of chatting to them one on one in a private chat session is worth their stated price. The video quality is exceptional, and most of the webcam models stream their room using an HD web camera.

Screenshot of Homepage Homepage

The amateur cam models of have highly detailed profile pages that enable you to learn everything you need to know about the model:

  • Age, birthday and zodiac sign
  • Spoken languages
  • Last time the model was online
  • Appearance: Ethnicity, build, hair color, eye color, physical measurements, orientation
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Photos and recorded videos
  • Live cam show schedule
  • Offered deals for their private video chat room
  • Social network accounts
  • User reviews
  • Awards
  • You can also boost them to help their rankings and send gifts

Screenshot of Profile Page
Profile Page

You can find the ladies who interest you most by using the search feature which is pretty detailed and allows you to narrow down the online cam models by a pretty good selection of different criteria.

Screenshot of Search Page
Search Page

An amazing selection of Cam Show styles

While many sites only offer a simple two level show structure, free and private, with the added option of cam2cam should you wish it, Flirt4free have taken the adult webcams game to a new level by incorporating a range of different show types. This not only means that there is a great range of shows for people to choose from, but there is something for all budgets. Each show is charged at a unique rate, so as to ensure that all members can enjoy a private more adult themed live chat show experience.

  • Standard
  • Premier
  • Voyeur
  • Super Voyeur
  • Multiple Users
  • Combo
  • Semi Private
  • Feature Shows
  • Group Chat
  • Offered Shows
  • Party Chat

Screenshot of Live Show Rates
Live Show Rates

The varying prices of the real adult webcams shows mean that members can realistically expect to pay anywhere between $1 and $12 per minute for a show, depending on the model and the type of show you will choose. Shows are charged in a virtual site currency called ‘credits’, and each credit is worth $0.10. Consider that when you sign up you get $12 (120 credits) for free, just by adding your CC details, confirming that you're a real adult person. Excluding the gift of 120 free credits, you can purchase other packages too.

  • 240 for $10.00 - includes 150 free credits
  • 415 for $25.00 - includes 190 free credits

The virtual currency can be paid for with most major credit cards

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Diners
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • PayPal

Every payment made via the FlirtForFree site is billed through a secure gateway.

  • VS3.COM

Screenshot of Credit Purchasing and Payment Methods
Credit Purchasing and Payment Methods

Besides the live adult shows on cam, there are other ways for members to spend their credits on the site. Videos are one such option. Recorded shows are taken during private chat sessions and can be viewed at a reduced cost to a live show. That being said however, some of the adult webcams videos are free for all viewers, even those on a guest account. This is a rather unique offering from the site and serves a great purpose, to show off the quality on offer and get more people to sign up.

Tipping is another great way to send credits to a model. Tipping can be done during free shows and are often exchanged for a certain request – within reason. Should a member tip a large amount, they can make use of the Tip Flood option, which breaks their tip into small multiples and posts them at 1 second intervals. This appears on the chat room wall and is a great way to make sure than in a busy room, the model sees who is tipping her and can pay her thanks accordingly.

A Live Chat Room is fine, but what else does the Site have

Everybody knows how a live chat show works. You choose one of the free webcams, click the image of the model starring it and away you go. The premise is the same the world over and needs no real introduction. Free shows are more chat based, get to know you style interactions, while private adult webcams shows are more goal oriented.

It is in the private shows and additional features of the site that the differences are made.

Flirt4Free offers several additional package to supplement their live chat show experience. One such thing is a VIP membership. VIP membership comes with additional extras that other members do not have.

  • Unlimited Access to Your Own recorded Shows
  • 150 New VOD's Everyday (Available for 7 Days!)
  • Larger Video Preview Than Standard Users
  • Turn Off Free Users Chat (No Gray Users)
  • Free Feature Shows
  • Free Photos
  • 2x Power Boosts for Models
  • Email Performers with Attachments & More!

VIP Membership is charged at a recurring rate of $39.95 a month and can be purchased with either a debit/credit card transaction or a direct bank transfer.

Screenshot of VIP Benefits
VIP Benefits

Customer Service Can Make or Break a Live Video Chat Site

When it comes to free webcam video chat, the customer service options are very important. Given the live nature of the show and the fact that money is being charged per minute, any issues need to be swiftly resolved in order to keep customers happy. At Flirt for Free, the customer support is first rate and set out in the standard way. Splitting items into an FAQ section, which is acceptable in length, and complexity of the questions posed and answered, and should be enough to aid members in all but the most unusual of instances.

On top of this there are user forums where members can talk with one another and support staff and offers another great way for information to be exchanged. Customer support can be contact by any number of means:

  • Email
  • Phone (US+Non US)
  • Postal (Snail Mail)
  • Billing support is available for each billing method

Screenshot of Customer Support Page
Customer Support Page

Benefits and Drawbacks of


  • An old and trusted cam website
  • Free full screen video chat for registered free users
  • A good variety of active webcams
  • A large selection of live show types
  • A lot of great features
  • HD cam feeds
  • 120 Free Credits
  • Good customer service


  • Some high quality cam shows can be expensive at times
  • Not too many registered cam models

The Bottom Line

In summary, Flirt4Free is more than an acceptable site. With only around 2000 models in their directory, and around 100 online most of the time it has a smaller selection that many other live video chat show sites of this nature. On the other hand, the multitude of features and options, and the attentive customer service, make up for the small selection of chat rooms.

That being said, it is absolutely worth the little time it takes to create a free account, look around, and spend those free 120 credits!


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    FIRST! cool site, love that they give free credits can't afford to buy any right now but maybe next month

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