How to Become a Webcam Couple - Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated September 03, 2022

Model webcam sites have gained so much traction that today they're full-on, legitimate workplaces. The best part about this, is that they're run just like any good business, so your rights, privacy, and earnings are protected. If you're ready to share yourselves with the world, you may open yourselves up to some side income, or a new career altogether.

Some top performers bank over a million dollars a year. If you're a powerhouse couple with all the right moves, what are you waiting for? Grab your webcam, read this guide, and launch your live cam couple's career. And then be sure to tell us about it.

LiveJasmin has been an industry leader for years now, setting the standard that most other premium model platforms aspire to. This near perfectly run and maintained site is focused on private, paid for shows. Cam couples may occasionally flash a little more flesh, but that isn't the point here. What's more, aspiring couple performers, like all models, must pass a vetting and training process, and then keep up the site's standards to stay on the platform. Because of all this, LiveJasmin draws serious viewers happy to foot the bill.

Accepted genders: All

Number of performers in room: Couples (2 per room, any gender).

Cam site type: Premium

Earning potential: Couples must register a LiveJasmin Studio Account because you'll be earning jointly. LiveJasmin uses a tiered payment structure that resets every period. Couples rank from Level 1 to 9, with 9 being the highest. A pay period is 14 days. At Level 1, couples earn 30% of whatever they bill in a 14-day period, capped at $250. Likewise, Level 9 couples earn 80% of whatever they bill in a 14-day period, which can exceed $30,000. Getting users to pay for certain LiveJasmin features, like Surprises, Story, and your Premium Content, increases your earning potential and Level. If your show is referred to by a member, you'll earn an additional 20%. If you win a LiveJasmin Award, you'll be bumped up to earning 100%.

Note: LiveJasmin payment Levels reset at the start of every new Period, i.e. 14 days

Payments: Your earnings are calculated every 14 days and paid over to you within 25 days thereafter. LiveJasmin must set their own payout limits from $100 to a maximum of $10,000. You must reach the payout limit you set every 14 days to be paid at the end of that period. If you don't, your earnings will roll over and accumulate until you hit your payout limit. Payments can be made by bank check, WebMoney, Bank Transfer, Paxum, ePayService, or Directa24.

Privacy: By default, LiveJasmin geoblocks visitors from your own country. You also have full control over your privacy and access settings from your joint model account, and 24/7 live support. 

Taxes: LiveJasmin pays performers directly. You are responsible for reporting your income and filing taxes.


ImLive offers chat and show options unique to the site, like their Multi-Viewer experience, where members can watch 6 live cams at a time. Be one of the couples to land here, and you could score yourselves a paying private show. ImLive also lets members submit Fulfill Your Fantasy requests. These will appear in your account dashboard. Be quick to respond, and you can make good money from these, too.

Accepted genders: All

Number of performers in room: Couples (2 per room, any gender).

Cam site type: Premium

Earning potential: ImLive Video Chat Hosts, as they're called, receive between 30% and up to 100% of what members pay. For every ImLive credit earned, performers receive $1.00. Site rates vary from $0.98 to $14.90 a minute, all depending on what you decide to charge, your seniority or site ranking, and the rating you maintain from members. Couples can also earn commission from referring their show guests to other ImLive cam rooms. ImLive calls this 'passive revenue income', and you'll get 30% of it from every cam room you get a hit off of. Conversely, if you receive a referral for a private show from someone else, you'll get 70% commission from the total charged in your room, over and above the rate a minute you'll already earn, as outlined above.

Payments: Every two weeks, on the 1st and 15th of every month. Couples need to earn a minimum of $50 in every two week period to be paid, or it rolls over till the next one. Performers can opt to be paid by mail order check, Paxum, bank wire transfer, direct deposit, ePayService, CosmoPayment, PumaPay, Emoneyflow, or Wire Colombia.

Privacy: ImLive's various licensing agreements, that you'll have to sign in order join, clearly state that information shared by cam couples in their profiles and in their rooms is at their discretion. This includes any media and content you offer up. This is then protected by ImLive's licensing against anyone sharing it outside of your cam room or show, who will then face swift legal consequences. Performers use screen names and zero other personal details, so no one really knows who you are. You can block and report members who overstep, and ImLive support staff are online 24/7 to help you.

Taxes: Value added tax and service tax is already included in the ImLive rates that couples can charge, so you'll need to disclose this when filing your personal tax reports. Performers are paid directly by the method they choose. You are then responsible for reporting your income and filing taxes in your country.


Flirt4Free is a premium model broadcasting service with a sterling reputation. Regulars know that this is where to come for sensational models and quality shows. Experience is the expectation here, so bare in mind who you'll be competing against as a cam couple on this site. That said, top Flirt4Free performers earn up to $4000 a week. That's right, every week. You do the math. They always told you that your ass was money, so share the wealth by shaking it on Flirt4Free, together.

Accepted genders: All

Number of performers in room: Couples (2 per room, any gender).

Cam site type: Premium

Earning potential: Unlike other sites, couples must first register as Flirt4Free models individually. Once you're both approved, you must then request that an account representative merge your accounts into a duo account. Earnings on Flirt4Free are commission based, from 25% to 30%, and calculated by how many hours a week you work the site. Here's an estimate of what you could earn as a cam couple:

  • 10 hours a week for $1000 a week
  • 20 hours a week for $2000 a week
  • 40 hours a week for $4000 a week

Certain Flirt4Free chat types have set income rates. Private chat is 10-80 credits a minute, Premiere Chat is 60-120 credits a minute, a Multi-User Show is 10-20 credits a minute, a Feature Show is 30 credits a minute, and Party Chat is tip based.

Payments: Every 2 weeks by bank check or wire transfer.

Privacy: You ultimately control who accesses your webcam room and shows, and you can block members who push the boundaries. Your account also has geoblocking tools if you don't want to appear or stream in certain countries. Models also get 24/7 live support.

Taxes: You are responsible to file taxes in your country. American performers have to sign mandatory tax forms that'll register them with the IRS. Then, at the end of every financial year, the IRS will send you the relevant tax declarations forms directly.


Despite being a freemium service, models make so much money from tips on Chaturbate, that many of them flat out refuse to take one-on-one private shows. If you do decide to, you get to set your own rates for this, so you can charge big. Using tags, couples can assign themselves as many as they want, getting as creative as they can, to make sure they appear in as many searches as possible. Chaturbate isn't as feature rich as other sites here, but that doesn't matter. Despite all the competition, cam rooms can have several hundred viewers at a time.

Accepted genders: All

Number of performers in room: Couples (2 per room, any gender).

Cam site type: Freemium

Earning potential: Chaturbate cam couples earn a flat rate of $0.05 (5 cents) for every token. It doesn't matter how the tokens were earned, whether it be tips or private shows, the rate stays the same. So, for every 20 Chaturbate tokens, you'll get $1.00. Chaturbate couples set their own rate for private cam2cam shows. Choose between 6, 12, 18, 30, 60, 90, and 120 tokens a minute.

Payments: Every 2 weeks by your choice of direct deposit, Paxum, Firstchoice Pay, Skrill, wire transfer, or bank check.

Privacy: Chaturbate lets you customize your account protection and control who can and can't access your profile and cam feed. Chaturbate takes illicit behavior very seriously, ensuring that you can’t be pressured into anything you don’t want to do in your chat room. You can report and ban any users you want to.

Taxes: You are responsible for filing your own taxes. American performers receive a 1099 tax statement every year.


Stripchat is a very popular model streaming service, and since it introduced live shows in VR, it's become even more so. Newly registered couples receive a 2-week traffic boost to their chat room, courtesy of Stripchat, getting priority listing in search results and gallery. There are multiple ways to make money on this site, and if you offer and use all of them, you can early really well. What's more, Stripchat rewards its hard-working cam couples with cash bonuses a whopping 8 times a day. 

Accepted genders: All

Number of performers in room: Couples (2 per room, any gender).

Cam site type: Freemium

Earning potential: Webcamming couples earn $0.05 (5 cents) for every Stripchat token. There are many ways to earn well on Stripchat.

  • Cam2cam private shows for 32-120 tokens a minute
  • Spy Shows for 8 tokens a minute
  • Group Shows for the rate you set per viewer a minute
  • Fan Club for a monthly fee that you set
  • Referrals for 20% of the total profit
  • Sell your own content for 100% of the profit

Behind the scenes, Stripchat couples earn points towards their StripScore. The higher up you rank, the higher up you'll appear in the webcam galleries, improving your chances of getting noticed and getting paid for it.

Payments: Paxum and ePayments, and Cosmo payments are made every Tuesday. Wire transfers and bank checks are sent every 2 weeks. Bitcoin, ePayService, and Etherium payments are made every 2 weeks and have a minimum earnings requirement of $50. How regularly you receive your money ultimately depends on the payment method you choose and any payment limits that apply.

Privacy: Your Chaturbate account lets you geoblock countries and mute or ban any user you want. Bans are valid for 30 days.

Taxes: You are responsible for filing taxes.


CamSoda has a firm grip on its standing as host to extreme exhibitionists who perform with zero inhibitions and mile-wide smiles. CamSoda claims to offer the highest model payouts and bonuses in the industry. True or not, it is one of the few live model sites that provides its performers with health insurance support and a 55% revenue share. These are two notable reasons to bring your two-to-tango show to CamSoda.

Accepted genders: All

Number of performers in room: Couples (2 per room, any gender).

Cam site type: Freemium

Earning potential: CamSoda couples get $0.55 per CamSoda token. There are multiple ways to make money on this site:

  • Private chats for up to 120 tokens a minute
  • Spy shows for 12 tokens a minute per viewer
  • Entertaing the crowd in your public room for tips
  • Selling your content for whatever price you set for 100% profit

There are also daily, weekly, and monthly contests with big payouts that vary per contest.

Payments: Weekly via direct deposit, wire transfer, bank check, or Paxum.

Privacy: Cam couples can block any country or user they wish and can choose to be DMCA protected.

Taxes: Americans are assigned a tax identification number for reporting to the IRS. All models are responsible for filing their own taxes accordingly.


BongaCams holds a large share of the European webcam models, but that doesn't mean that other nationalities aren't welcome. At the end of the day, BongaCams is a global site. Moreover, BongaCams is consistently winning industry awards for: Best overall live cam site, Best live cam company of the year, and Best marketing campaign of the year. If nothing else, big recognitions should tell you that this is a solid basket to put your cam career eggs in.

Accepted genders: All

Number of performers in room: Couples (2 per room, any gender).

Cam site type: Freemium

Earning potential:

  • Private chat for 60 tokens a minute
  • Full private chat for 90 tokens a minute
  • Group chat for 30 tokens a minute
  • Spy chat for 15 tokens a minute

BongaCams awards 100 performers cash prizes every week in their Top of the Week contests. The grand weekly prize is $1000. Cam couples are also eligible for the Top 50 of the Week $400 cash prize.

Payments: Every Friday with a minimum payout requirement of $50 across the board. Choose from Cryptocurrency, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayService, bank check, or direct deposit.

BongaCams now offers On-Request Payoutsto all models, as long as you have more than $$200 in your BongaCams income account. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and then request a payout. The money will arrive in your e-wallet (WebMoney, ePayService, Paxum or ePayments) within a quick 30 minutes.

Privacy: Couples can block countries and users. If you have regulars, you can assign them 'moderator' powers, so while you're both busy shaking your stuff, they can boot or ban any obnoxious or abusive viewers.

Taxes: American performers must have an IRS tax identity number. All models must file their own tax returns.


Premium vs Free Cam Sites

Premium cam sites are those where features, live shows, and most chat functions, are limited to paying customers and members. All premium services have a free offering, like free chat rooms, but these are expected to be tame, reserved, and clothed. Their only purpose is to dangle the carrot that gets viewers into private, billed shows. They also tend to be more selective of who they accept to perform on their sites and prefer models with some experience and track record.

Freemium sites, on the other hand, are virtually limitless, including the number of models they accept, who tend to be mostly amateurs. Most freemium sites have fewer features and options, and webcammers make most of their money through tips earned in their open chat rooms. Freemium users still have to register as members, but they don't actually have to pay to watch the shows you put on. That said, CamSoda models, for example, are said to be some of the industry's top earners.

Which is best for you comes down to you what you're after as a webcam couple, how experienced you are, what shows and skills you can offer, and how often you can and want to be online.

What Is Expected of Couples on Cam Sites

Again, this is largely decided by the site you register with, and whether it's free or premium. LiveJasmin, for example, stipulates that all performers have a webcam with a minimum 1080p hi-def streaming capability, and to offer cam2cam in all private chats, whether or not the client wants it. Stripchat encourages its webcammers to get frisky and suggestive in their open chat rooms in order to bag private sessions, whereas, in reality, they go all the way to earn tips.

How Many Cam Sites Can Couples Sign Up For?

Again, this depends on the site. BongaCams, LiveJasmin, ImLive, and Flirt4Free, strongly discourage models working multiple platforms, whereas Stripchat and Chaturbate don't seem to care either way. Wherever you signup, you'll get a detailed User Agreement to sign, which will detail exactly what you can and can't do. Be sure to read it thoroughly and ask any questions you have before signing.

How to Become a Successful Webcam Duo

Like any successful enterprise, these cam sites provide support, model guidance, and real advice to earn more. They also regularly reward them for jobs well done. LiveJasmin provides their models with training and regular performance assessments. Chaturbate lets performers set their own rules and schedules, and anything goes in their chat rooms. ImLive expects shows on the site to be classy, reserving full nudity for private and feature shows.

When getting ready to register your online model account, take a look at some of the shows of current top performers on the site. Note how they dress, behave, what background music they're playing, the lighting in the room, any props or toys, how they engage with users, and so on. Many seasoned models are happy and flattered to share the wealth, as far as their experience goes, at least.

Follow The Rules

LiveJasmin has a list of webcam model offenses — including explicit content in free chat, and eating or taking personal phone calls in free chat — for which LiveJasmin reserves the right to fine, suspend, or terminate you.

ImLive strictly forbids creatures in their cam rooms... Don't be gross: We're talking here about pets, your fluffy companions. One model, who showed off her new kitten in her open chat room, received a hefty fine and temporary ban. Her actions were completely innocent, but they violated ImLive's rules.

When performing as a couple, the sin of one is the sin of the other, so if just one of you transgresses, you'll both suffer the consequences. Remember that.


Performing live sex acts is no longer taboo; it's big business. Many top porn stars started out on model cam sites, and they're proud of it. Many have paid their way through college, bought apartments, cars, and exotic vacations. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, your assets can earn you every other asset you want.

If you're just starting out, LiveJasmin is a great choice. This service keeps everything smooth and professional, and gives couples a ton of free support and guidance. Hosting some of the best cam performers, you can really learn a lot and excel on this site.


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