How to Make Money on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is currently one of the most popular websites on the internet. It gets millions of daily visits from interested users. There are several ways to make money on Chaturbate, all of which require camming. To get started, we recommend getting a high definition webcam and a fast internet connection. Of course, you will also need a computer.

Our link will take you directly to the model registration page, so you can sign up as you read this.

We recommend creating a separate email for your cam persona. Chaturbate doesn't spam you with emails, but you should try to remain as anonymous as possible.


Once you have registered, you will be considered as an Exhibitionist until you are verified by the site. To get verified, you need to submit a picture of yourself holding an official ID proving that you are at least 18 years old.

Until you are verified, we do not recommend logging in and broadcasting.

While it might be tempting to take advantage of the Exhibitionist tag to gather some Followers, we do not recommend it. The Chaturbate moderation staff can be very ban happy, especially with the Exhibitionist rooms.

All it takes is a couple of trolls reporting you as underaged before your verification process is complete and you get banned.

Technically, Exhibitionists are not allowed to get naked prior to verification. Some people will report you for getting naked, while others will report you for not getting naked. It's really not worth it. Just log in when your verified.

Chaturbate has a few simple rules you need to follow, most of them are things you probably wouldn't do anyway.

Choosing Your Gender on Chaturbate

The main classification type on Chaturbate is gender. You will need to select whether you are Female/Male/Couple/Trans. You can only select Female/Male if that is your birth gender. Otherwise, you will need to select Trans. The Trans category applies even if you are post-op.

  • Straight couples should place themselves under couples.
  • Male couples should select the male category.
  • Lesbian couples can choose the girls or couples category.
  • Couples with one or more transgenders in them usually stick to the trans category.

Types of Chat Rooms

Most of the cam girls on Chaturbate put in a Lovense toy, set up a tip menu, and set a goal for their room. These goals can include but aren't limited to removal of items of clothing, blowjobs, masturbation, and squirting.

You can choose whatever you want as your goal. Some cam girls set their goals to things such as singing as playing the piano, but generally speaking the non-nude rooms on Chaturbate are nowhere near as successful as the room with nudity.

Other than the generic cam rooms, you can play around with the type of room you operate.

These are some options to stand out from the crowd.

  • No face/masked chat room
  • Hidden office sex cams
  • Fetish chat room
  • Twitch style gamer girl rooms

Show Types on Chaturbate

  • Free chat - These are the normal chat rooms. They are free to users, so they are the most popular type of chat room. These rooms can have thousands of users watching. You can earn money here by working the crowd for tips. Users will pay for their requests and towards goals they are interested in.
  • Private chat - When a user wants to be alone with you, he can pay a per minute fee for a private chat. You need to do what the user asks, within reason. If there is anything you are not comfortable performing, you aren't obligated to. Just be polite about it, so you don't get negative reviews.
  • Group show - Like a private show, but for multiple people. Instead of hundreds of people in the room, group shows are usually between 2 and 6 people. Each person pays a fraction of the cost of a private show. After totaling everyone up, you end up with more than if just one person watched.
  • Ticket show/password show - A ticket show is like a group show, but instead of paying by the minute, the user pays for a ticket and gets to remain for the whole show. You aren't limited to a small group, and can sell as many tickets as you please.
  • Cam2cam - Other sites have cam2cam available in every private show. Chaturbate makes cam2cam optional for cam girls. You can choose whether you want to watch the guys jacking off to you or not. You can even charge a premium for it, as most girls on the site do.

Tags on Chaturbate

There are thousands of different tags on Chaturbate. We recommend checking out the full list of tags, and tagging yourself with the most popular ones which apply to you. Only tag yourself for tags that are actually relevant. While some tags might get more searches than others, a user looking for #Asian isn't going to click on you isn't just going to click on your because you tagged yourself as Asian. A user looking for Asian girls want to see Asian girls.

Utilize your strengths and tag yourself properly.

How to Get Followers on Chaturbate

Gathering followers is important to remaining on the front page. As a new model, you will probably struggle to get people to enter your room at first.

While some girls are successful immediately upon creating their account, that is not always the case.

The key to success in the long term is to continue to cultivate a loyal list of followers. This can be done by following a regular broadcast schedule and by being friendly to users. Users that feel a personal connection to you are more likely to come back and tip again.


You can earn money on Chaturbate by camming. Users will tip for requests, for goals, and to show their appreciation.

To earn as much money as possible, we recommend getting a high quality webcam and a fast internet connection.

To be successful, you should place yourself under the correctly gender category, and tag yourself with only the relevant tags.

Make sure to try and build a following, and request from users to add your to their followed list.

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  • arianna g

    hi,any suggestions on what i should charge for privates, per minute as well as 1 fee/or to watch/rate the guy? im new and am def. overwhelmed by the chat/scammers were doing fake tips etc. ty!

    • admin

      I suggest you mimic other new models that seem to get attention. Start low, then increase it as your fan base grows