The Best Cam Sites to Get Your Orgasm Ruined

There's nothing quite like being teased and denied, to be brought forth to the point of ejaculation, only for the pleasure to be taken away. If you've experienced it, you know of the shame and embarrassment that come along with the dissatisfaction of ruined orgasms. If you are a masochist who enjoys pain and humiliation, then you are probably love it.

These are the top 5 webcam sites for a ruined orgasm cam show, they are all inclusive of cam2cam.

LiveJasmin is the ideal sex cam site. The models are all hot, they all use the best camera equipment, and they all follow strict guidelines. When a femdom on LiveJasmin tells you that she is going to ruin your orgasm, you can be sure that she will. The best place to find girls practiced in ruining orgasms will be in the fetish section.


Asian dominatrix in blue leather on LiveJasmin

Generally speaking, LiveJasmin has over 1,000 models online on average, but most of them won't be able to fulfill your needs. While in the fetish section, we recommend looking for the models whose rooms and usernames indicate that they are dominant. The Goddesses, Mistresses, and Dommes are the most suited to the task. Most will have plenty of experience with ruining orgasms.

You will find that most of the chat rooms offer private shows for 2 credits a minute. The more experienced and more beautiful models will of course charge more. While cam2cam is included during private chats, you will find that 2 way audio is not included in most rooms. You will usually have to pay an additional credit a minute for it.

The audio is really one of the key differences between LiveJasmin and everyone else on this list. Everyone else offers 2 way audio for free, but no one else actually guarantees it will work. On LiveJasmin when you pay for it, you can be sure that the girl you are whimpering to will be able to hear you beg for release.

The customer support at LiveJasmin is one of our favorite things about the site. Their strict policies work to keep customer satisfaction high. If a cam girl promised you something and didn't deliver, you can easily talk to someone about it through live chat.

ImLive is a cheap sex cam site that has only non-HD chat rooms. The main selling point of the site isn't video quality, it is the ease with which you can find pretty much any fetish known to man. You can submit your fantasy, and models which are relevant will actually respond to you. You don't have to search between rooms feeling like a sexual leper.


Pretty girl next door type of cam girl on ImLive

ImLive boasts a collection of models averaging between 600 and 800 models throughout the day. If you are browsing through the fetish cam rooms, you will find that there are many dominant women, with many dirty fetishes. You can ask all the girls you are interested in if they have experience with destroying orgasms or you can submit a fantasy and include a video as an example, so they know what you are talking about.

The prices on ImLive start off just a little lower than LiveJasmin, but those prices drop as you rise up the loyalty program. At the bottom level, you will be paying an average of $1.98 to $3.00 a minute for your private shows. At the top level of the program, you will get up to 25% bonus credits on every purchase, effectively reducing the prices of shows by a quarter.

ImLive has really great value for money and has many beautiful, kinky, and experienced models to choose from. You will probably want to skip it if you are a HD fanatic, but otherwise you'll probably find a few girls who you'd want to tie you up.

ImLive also has great customer support. They have a feature to Report to the Sheriff. You can complain about any model that gave you an unsatisfactory performance. You will find that ImLive will often try to make it up to you.

As a whole, CamSoda is not that great for fetishes, but there is one key feature that is bound to appeal to you. Many of the models on CamSoda offer free show recordings that you can rewatch for free as many times as you want. While finding a fetish model to ruin your orgasm might take some time, once you do, you'll be able to enjoy it again and again, albeit without you in the screen.


Latina CamSoda cam girl showing off her sexy ass

CamSoda is a newer site and has a smaller model pool. On average, there are about 400 to 600 models online. The site doesn't really have a useful way to search for relevant models, and most of the girls will honestly not know what you are talking about. The key here, is to find a babe that you are interested in, and to teach her the craft.

You will find that CamSoda is filled with many South American cam girls, many of whom charge seriously low prices. If you are willing to hunt, you can easily find chat rooms for under $1.80 a minute. Some of the cam girls charge a boner inducing $0.60 a minute. When you consider that includes cam2cam, it's easy to see why this is a highly recommended site. Not all of the models offer cam2cam and free show recordings, but it's easy to tell prior to starting a private show.

One feature that you are bound to love about CamSoda is their preview feature. Unlike other sites that load up one room at a time, on CamSoda when you hover with your mouse, you get a live preview of every room on the page. You can use the feature to tell exactly which rooms are hot right now.

The customer support on CamSoda is honestly not the greatest. While they are very friendly, there are limited ways to contact them. There is a separate customer support for billing and technical issues. If you are dissatisfied with a show, you are pretty much limited to a negative review to warn other members.

Unlike the other sites on this list, MyDirtyHobby doesn't have any free chat rooms. You will need to start paying the moment you start watching. It can in honesty make it very hard to find live cam girls to give you the experience you crave. You usually can't tell if the the model is a femdom or not, without going into her room. That being said, the site has a hardcore video section filled with ruined orgasms, orgasm denials, and CBT sessions.


MyDirtyHobby cam girl licking her pink dildo

The collection of live cam models on MyDirtyHobby is small. There are usually between 150 and 250 models online. But, most of them have ventured with fetish play to some degree. The site has an exclusive contract with some ridiculously fetish orientated girls. If you aren't already familiar with Hardcore German pornstar Lucy Cat, she used to be their brand ambassador.

Trying to calculate the costs on MyDirtyHobby is incredibly difficult. Everything is converted into DirtyCents, which don't have the easiest exchange rate. You will be spending between 99 and 399 dirty cents for the public chat. The public chat is inclusive of cam2cam, and works more like Skype, rather than like a chat room. In real money, that works out to between €0.60 and €2.40.

The problem with the public chat, is that you don't know how many other users the model is talking to. You can't know if you are alone or if she's speaking with 10 other guys who have her attention. If you want to guarantee you are alone, you will have fork out extra, usually doubling the cost of your show.

As nothing is agreed upon prior to a show, you can't really complain when you don't get what you want. You can only leave the chat room. Their customer support is a bit annoying to work with, you have to deal with German work hours.

At first glance, Flirt4Free may look like a vanilla site, but looks can be deceiving. Flirt4Free is actually the sister site to, one of the best fetish porn sites in the world. We recommend going through their BDSM & Fetish Play Education section. It will lead you to forums, where you can post for model suggestions from other users and cam girls themselves.


Deceptively dominant cam girl on Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free has an adequate model count, with about 400 to 600 models online, depending on the time of day you log on.The fetish category itself isn't too large, so searching through them manually shouldn't take too long, but the forums are really your best choice if you are looking for a truly experienced show.

The prices for a private show on Flirt4Free vary greatly from model to model. There are cam2cam rooms for as low as $0.50 a minute, but these are multi-user shows. The true private shows are more expensive, usually costing over $3.00 a minute. Some of the girls even charge over $12.00, but there is selection at all prices levels.

We seriously recommend against trying to use the search bar to find orgasm ruining chat rooms. If you search for orgasm ruin, you will find over 2,100 results which sounds amazing, but really isn't. It pulls up all the models that have ever listed the word ruining in their profile, some of the top results haven't been online in years. Being shown models that are super hot but no longer available is the kind of tease we do not enjoy.

Flirt4Free doesn't outright state how they treat their upset customers. Their FAQ and terms & conditions don't mention it outright, so we can't make any promises. They seem to treat it on a case by case basis.

If You Are on Mobile

Out of all the cam sites we've reviewed, there are only 2 where you can cam2cam on mobile. These two sites are LiveJasmin and CamSoda. LiveJasmin is the better site, but it charges you extra for cam2cam when you are on the phone. On the other hand, it remains free on CamSoda. If you enjoy being a finsub, you'll probably love the prices on LiveJasmin, otherwise you'll probably prefer CamSoda.

Don't Cry Wolf

While LiveJasmin and ImLive are committed to pleasing upset customers, there is a limit to their kindness. If they find that you are often reporting girls, they will stop believing you.

It is important that you talk to the models prior to the shows, so that they can understand exactly what you are looking for. Don't just immediately initiate a private chat upon entering a room. Rather, you should work to lay down the foundations of what you expect to see and what you expect her to do.

The best way to truly get a good show, is to understand that the cam girl is probably not going to give you the perfect show the first time. It is after multiple sessions that the dominatrix you are watching will truly be able to learn your ques. On your first session, she might over or underestimate how close you really are to jizzing uncontrollably.


Each site on this list of the best cam sites for a ruined orgasm has something about it to love. The best solution, is to go onto each site and to really see for yourself what the options are, and whether you like them. Other than MyDirtyHobby, all of the sites have free chat, so you should be able to talk to the models, to see if they truly suit your needs.

As mentioned earlier, you should really look for the rooms where the cam girls name is Domination orientated. The dominatrices are who will give you the best shows and will be the most experienced. When you see a girl with a Submissive orientated name, it doesn't mean that she won't know what she's doing, but she will probably be more experienced in other roles.

All in all, if you were to pick just one site to visit, our top recommendation is LiveJasmin. They have by far the highest quality standards, which when combined with their babes, makes it truly unbeatable. You might be paying a little bit extra, but if want your dick to hurt, so might your wallet.


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