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MyDirtyHobby.com Review - Germany's Top Cam Site

When it comes to live adult chat cams, there are certain elements that form staples of a good site. Besides the obvious real amateur cams, the majority of hot webcam chat sites offer their members exclusive image libraries and video collections.

These three options are the classic combination and provide the visitors to such adult chat cams sites with the trifecta of adult entertainment. Live interaction, high resolution images, and recorded shows for those moments when the member’s preferred webcam chat model is not online.

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MyDirtyHobby is a site that has taken note of the standards, and make them the flag bearers of their site.

Sweet Amateur Cam Chat Stars

Whether you are interested in watching real amateur cams or reading the bios and blog posts of their models, browsing around the site fills you with a sense of belonging.

Joining MyDirtyHobby is a Hassle Free Experience

As has come to be expected with webcam chat sites, joining the ranks of MyDirtyHobby members is free and easy. In fact, all you need in order to join up to the site is:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Gender Select

Join MyDirtyHobby Today

With these four simple options, you can start your journey into the world of real amateur cams. You are ready to go as soon as you have entered the details. The only thing is that before you can enjoy the hot webcam chat services that the site has to offer, you will need to top up your account with some credit.

MyDirtyHobby Offers a Unique Adult Chat Cams Experience

Unlike many other live adult chat cams sites, which offer a free live cam chat experience for non-paying members, the minds behind MyDirtyHobby decided to make every hot adult chat cams feed a pay per minute service.

Welcome to MyDirtyHobby

This may sound like an expensive option, but the currency on the site is very fairly priced, cheaper so than many other real amateur cams sites The added bonus of having to pay for even a standard hot webcam chat session is that you do not have to deal with people wasting time, wanting something for nothing or spamming the chat, which is sadly a more common matter of fact.

The chat set up also means that you could just as easily stumble upon a hardcore adult chat cams session as you could a more sultry, teasing based real amateur cams show.

Get Yourself Some Dirty Cents and Enjoy Hot Webcam Chat Today.

As with the majority of hot webcam chat sites, the currency used is not direct cash money but rather a form of credits. On MyDityHobby, they are cunningly called ‘Dirty Cents’. It is a cheap play on words, but it is effective and helps to give the site that special something that sets it apart from others like it.

Dirty Cents can be bought via a veritable myriad of ways:

  • SEPA
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Ideal Online Banking.

The options cover all of the basics and enough of the rest to make the site easily accessible for almost everybody.

Buy Dirty Credits

The prices for the Dirty Cents are also incredibly low. Then again, when you are paying for every moment of your visit, it is natural that the numeration for that time is as low and cost effective as possible.

  • 400 Dirty Cents for just $5.00
  • 800 Dirty Cents for just $10.00
  • 1200 Dirty Cents for just $15.00
  • 1600 Dirty Cents for just $20.00
  • 2000 Dirty Cents for just $25.00
  • 4000 Dirty Cents for just $50.00
  • 6000 Dirty Cents for just $75.00
  • 8000 Dirty Cents for just $100.00
  • 12000 Dirty Cents for just $150.00
  • (23500) – Prepaid Cards Only Dirty Cents for just $255.00

The wide range of payment options and packages means that there is almost certain to be a combination to suit all budgets and needs.

With shows starting from as little as 99 dirty cents a minute means that for just $5, you could get close to five minutes of hot real amateur cams fun.

High Quality Real Amateur Cams Sessions

Once you are in a chat room, the models are always friendly and ready to chat. The move from regular chat to private chat happens in the same screen, meaning there is no loading time lost from your credit balance. The models are also caring to the fact that every second counts in any of the offered chats. They waste no time. They tease and titillate, but they do not stall unnecessarily.

Hot Blonde Amateur Star

The cam feeds are high quality with good sound and next to no lag. Meaning you get an ultra-realistic experience, which also goes some way to negate the cost of the chat.

The site offers three chat modes:

  • Standard Chat
  • Private Chat.
  • Voyeur Chat – Peek in on an in progress private show. You can watch, but you cannot engage.

MyDirtyHobby Offers More than Just Hot Webcam Chat.

It is almost common knowledge now that if you want to run a successful live adult chat site, then you need to offer more than just live chat. You need to have extras, the bells and whistles that keep people’s attention. Keeps them browsing and draws them in.

Indepth model bio pages

MyDirtyHobby does this very well with detailed model bio’s including personal blog spaces. An extensive private – model based – image library and video collections also serve as a great way to get you closer to the favourite hot webcam chat babes you like to spend your time with.

Each image does come with a Dirty Cents price tag, but once bought, it remains unlocked against your account, meaning you can go back and enjoy your collections time and time again.

Amateur Model Q&A

MyDirtyHobby Gives You All the Support You Will Need

Every website is complex, and takes time to find and explore. They all raise questions and queries about who, what, how, when, and why.

MyDirtyHobby have captured all of these issues and condensed them down into a nice FAQ section. Split into three parts, it offers help and assistance for the following:

  • Guests / General Queries
  • Member Queries
  • Amateur Model Queries / Performer Queries

Customer Support in Many Forms

By splitting the queries up into smaller subsections they are streamlining the user experience of the site, and providing answers quicker and tailored to the user asking them. It is a clever approach, which when coupled with the live telephone support which is active for a thirteen hour window each day (Monday to Friday), they have covered all of their bases in terms of help and assistance.

Pros and Cons of MyDirtyHobby


  • Good price for tokens
  • Good model selection
  • Indepth bios
  • Video and image galleries - over 250,000 photo sets
  • Fluid transition form chat to private chat


  • Need to pay for all chat types
  • No free videos and images
  • Scrolling through pages is not always the smoothest when looking at live models or image galleries.

All said and done, MyDirtyHobby is an interesting site that has a slightly more unique perspective and operating process. This difference alone will make or break it for many visitors, but we here at BestWebcamSites give it two thumbs up and urge you to check it out today. 

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