5 Best Ahegao Live Cam Sites

Last Updated September 18, 2022

An ahegao face is an O-face but way, way better. A girls eyes are rolled up, tongue flopping out, cheeks red, and uncontrollable squeals as she succumbs to her sexual highs. The following 5 sites host some of the sexiest webcam models who love to show you just why ahegao is the most alluring look around. We've gone through all the major cam sites to find the ones hosting the top ahegao models and show you how to find them, as well as how much a private show will set you back at each platform.


Chaturbate easily comes out on top as the best webcam site to go to if you're looking for an ahegao angel. Quite simply, it has far more of them streaming 24/7 than any other site. And, if that isn't reason enough, the fact that many of the performers are true exhibitionists who lose control in their open chat room and let their cumming out for the benefit of all means that you don't have to pay a penny to see O-face after O-face.

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Ahegao face cam girls perform for free at Chaturbate.com

At Chaturbate it's not easy to search for the ahegao performers only, but it doesn't really matter. Instead of seeing a limited number of rooms where the model has tagged herself as an O-face babe, at Chaturbate you can easily see via the snapshots whether or not she's a facialist freedom fan. First of all, most of the 'eyes rolled-back type' are colorful cuties and lovers of anime and cosplay characters, as befits an Ahegao fan. If she has rainbow-type hair, or is wearing a cartoon/anime outfit, she's likely in character

Most of the models prefer to perform for the masses in their open chat rooms, where tips fuel the action. If you don't want to wait to see the free faces, then a quick trip into a paid-for private session will have her blushing in no time. Private cam shows at Chaturbate start off at an incredible cheap rate of just $0.60 a minute. However, most of the ahegao face performers are skilled hosts and have invested in both outfits, accessories and streaming quality - so expect to pay more - around $3.00 a minute.

A quick word of warning though about Chaturbate. If you're the type that likes not only to watch, but also be watched, Chaturbate doesn't make it easy to turn a cam performance into a cam2cam session. if you want to open your webcam, we recommend first reading this article about what it entails.


CamSoda, like Chatubarate, is a freemium cam platform, which means not only can anyone set themselves up at a model on the site, but they're also free to get as kinky and kooky as they want in their free open chat rooms, letting their ahegao out, over and over. But, while CamSoda is a free site, this doesn't mean it lacks the features of a premium site - quite the opposite. From mobile-enabled cam to cam shows to free recordings of a private show, CamSoda is one of the best live cam sites out there in both the premium and freemium categories.

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CamSoda offers free private show recordings

At CamSoda, we wouldn't recommend using the search bar to look for a fetish such as ahegao. The best way to find the faces that express their ecstasy in exaggerated style is to go through the pages of search results and click on related categories which are more prevalent such as #cosplay, #colorful or even #anime. But, many of the performers will tag themselves with as many terms as possible in order to catch your attention - even if the fetish isn't relevant. So, be prepared for disappointment. And, what we've noticed is that some of the best hentai type ahegao girls on the site don't even tag themselves as such. If you see a snapshot of a girl in character - it's always worth clicking through and checking her out. More often than not you'll find yourself landing on a hidden ahegao room with a professional panter.

While most of the hosts at CamSoda are amateur or semi-pro models, this doesn't mean they lack important attributes such as high-quality streaming options. A good portion of the broadcasters at CamSoda use HD feeds which provide a crystal-clear close-up of those red cheeks and trembling tongues.

CamSoda also has a host of other extras that make it one of our favorite platforms. For example, it's one of just a handful that lets you enjoy a cam2cam show on your mobile device or smartphone. It also lets you record for free a 1on1 paid-for private show. You can then keep a copy of the show in your CamSoda account where you can rewatch it for free as often as you want at no extra cost.

While there's a lot of extreme entertainment to enjoy for free in the open chat rooms, to get a truly personalized eyes back, mouth open moment you'll probably need to take your partner into a private date. Prices for these start at $0.50 a minute, though most average around $1.80 a minute.


Stripchat is another freemium site, but this one behaves a lot more like a premium platform. Not only does it have an ad-free interface, but it has a great search engine which is accurate and representative of the types of models and fetishes featured on the site. It also has one major draw that no other webcam platform currently offers, and that's rooms with virtual reality (VR) capabilities. While there's no ahegao specific search category, this doesn't mean there aren't models making faces on the site. There are, and we'll show you how to get to them.

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Stripchat features all types of manga, ahegao and cosplay models

At Stripchat, the rooms with the anime/cosplay characters and facial contortionists congregate in the 'colorful' search grouping. Here, the models live their alter-ego from head to foot, wearing their clothes, playing with their toys and taking on their quirks, including entering a state of divine delirium which leaves them open mouthed and eyes rolled heavenward as they pant and pulsate.

If you're the fortunate owner of a VR headset you can experience a full-on fantasy at Stripchat via an immersive private VR cam sensation. For users of VR technology, it's worth checking out all the rooms with a VR icon on their snapshot. Even if the model hasn't stated she's an ahegao practitioner, it's always worth asking the host if they are down with adpb? If they respond positively, a private VR cam session will be one you won't forget. And, it doesn't necessarily cost more than a regular private cam show with the girl.

Stripchat is a freemium site which means if you have patience, you might just stumble across a hentai-type hottie in her open room making the most of her extreme expressions. However, while the girls will get naked and play with a range of toys, facial cummings aren't that common - for this you'll most likely need to invite her into a private show.

Prices at Stripchat start at under $1.00 a minute but these rates are few and far between. Mostly, you're looking at paying around $2.40 a minute. If you want a cam to cam show, some rooms will include this in their rates, but that tends to be the rates that are higher than the average. 


MyFreeCams is a veteran cam site, credited with establishing the beloved arena of free live sex cams. Once you get to grips with the site's retro layout, you're in for a world for deviant surprises, this includes watching live action in a full screen layout in HD. While the site itself is messy to navigate, when it comes to finding ahegao rooms, it's incredibly easy. You simply write ahegao in the top search bar and all the models that are tagged with it then appear. And at MyFreeCams, it seems that only the girls that really are ahegao superstars use it as a search tag.

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Watch an ahegao cam girl in full screen layout at MyFreeCams.com

MyFreeCams usually just misses out on reaching the top 5 list for most fetishes or features due to its old-fashioned layout. This is really a shame considering it has so many great features hidden under its messy interface. When it comes to the O-faces, MyFreeCams easily and deservingly gets a shout-out. Not only can you search from the homepage for the ahegao tagged rooms, but the results are accurate and the performers are pro-facial cummers, happy to show-off their ecstatic looks in free cam rooms.

The majority of the models will only let users who have purchased tokens in the past, or who have tokens in their account, to message them in their chat rooms. So, until you fork out for some site currency, you're pretty much relegated to the silent voyeur mode. However, as a member (whether you have tokens or not) you can start creating lists of favorite models, so at each visit you can easily see the ahegao, torogao, manga and anime looking models.

MyFreeCams features a standardized pricing system, meaning all rooms offer the same rates for private 1on1 shows regardless of the fetish, streaming quality or skill of the performer. The prices though are not cheap. A private session will set you back $6.00 a minute. And if you don't want others peeking in at your panting partner, then you'll have to pay $8.00 a minute.

We recommend before starting a private session, to try peeking in beforehand at a private show the model is in. If the host is already in a private show you can take a silent peek at what's going on for $2.00 a minute. This will give you a good idea of whether it's worth it to bide your time and fork out the $6.00 a minute for your own personal performance.


C2CPorn is different to the other sites listed here. It's an aggregator of cam girls in as much as it brings to one address, all the rooms from eight leading webcam platforms. You can search for ahegao, or any other kink, model type, or niche act and the site trawls through all the 8 platforms pulling up the relevant results to one page. If there are too many photos to look through, you can further narrow down the results to a specific look, broadcasting quality, age, ethnicity and other physical features such as ass size, cup size and even if she's shaven or hairy. Best of all, the site is completely free to use and doesn't require any type of sign-up process.

Visit C2CPorn.com

C2CPorn bring all the ahegao and cosplay girls from 8 sites to one address

On the homepage of C2CPorn, you just input 'ahegao' into the search box on the top right of the screen and almost immediately the site will bring up all the performers who use the tag in their rooms. If there's a green circle next to the wide-eye girl's name, it means she's currently online. If the circle is grey, it's an indication that she's a professional panter, but not broadcasting at the time. Toggle to Online Only switch to see only the girls

In order to find the perfect partner, you can further filter the options using the categories listed in the left hand menu bar. Once, you've found a new cam pal, you simply click on her photo and if it has a sticker showing Live Stream on it, a real-time video feed of what she's up to appears. Additional info C2CPorn collates includes what site she's broadcasting from, as well as show you her schedule based on when she's normally online.

To start a private show or chat with the model, you then have to click on the Join Her button that appears to the right of the photo or video. This takes you to the platform she's on, and from then on it's 'bye-bye' C2CPorn - thank you for the help.


The look of total ecstasy a women gets when she loses control and lets the pleasure pulsating through her body take over is one of the most satisfying and arousing things to watch, especially when you're the cause of her mind-blowing O. There are some women who aren't embarrassed to let go and show you the heights they're experiencing as demonstrated in their orgasmic O-face. Today though, some have taken this experience to a new level - the ahegao level.

Ahegao is a relatively new phenomena spawned by the increasing popularity of Japanese animated sex shows (Hentai). The faces the characters make in Hentai became so popular that they crossed the boundaries from make-believe to reality with girls finding freedom in releasing control and letting their faces reflect their pleasure - just as the characters in Hentai do.

Often the ahegao performers take on an alter-ego inspired by popular anime series. Series' which are often based on Manga comics and novels which have been around for over a century. Erza Knightwalker, Mirajane Strauss, Lucy Heartfilia and Kushina Uzumaki are just some of the fictional characters you can find occcuping live cam rooms.

Colored hair, cartoonish outfits and wacky accessories are an indication that your new cam pal is an O-face fan and with a bit of encouragement, she's willing to roll back, let her tongue out, her juices flow and her inner ahegao take control.

As you might have noticed, all the above sites are freemium sites. While there certainly are ahegao performers in the premium cam platforms, they tend to still be in the shadows.

Chaturbate is the largest cam platform out there and subsequently has more ahegao performers than any other site. Within a few minutes on the site you're bound to come across several real-life anime characters just waiting for someone to enjoy their o-face show and you may not even have to pay a penny for the privilege.

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