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Last Updated September 10, 2022

I've recently stored too much libidinal energy, which had to be discharged. Therefore, I've found myself spending many hours on CamSoda chatting with cam girls of all types, shapes and ethnicities. Of all those girls, I especially loved Matildamd, who gave me the hottest live show.

You can say that fate brought us together, but I'd prefer to see at as sheer luck as I was not looking for any particular model that night. The thing is, the moment I laid my eyes on Matildamd, I was enthralled by her charms. A pink ribbon on her head and a striped shirt gave her a naive and innocent look, which concealed her true lascivious nature.

Despite knowing her innocent demeanor was nothing more than a sophisticated honey trap to lure users into chatting with her, I couldn't resist the urge to invite her to a 1-on-1 session where I would lift the curtain and expose her for what she really was: an extremely hot model who could undoubtedly raise the dead and turn them into horny goats the moment she started her sex cam performance. I pressed the Go Private button.

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A review of Matildamd's private cam show on CamSosa
Price per minute6 tokens
Free show recordingYes
ToysLovense, Dildo
Dirty talkYes
Overall score9.5/10

Shortly after, Matildamd and I were together in our little private haven. She gave me a smile that infiltrated into the deepest layers of my soul making me believe I could easily fall in love with her. Yet this love couldn't remain Platonic. It was time to add some erotic elements to it. So I asked her to get naked. Hearing my request, she started dancing for me. She did it so sensually that in a matter of seconds, she left behind any trace of innocence whatsoever. The curtain has been lifted!

She very slowly took off her panties keeping me in suspense before revealing her entire privy parts in all their glory. As I always do, I asked her to zoom in so I could get a full view of the secrets she held between her legs. I remember being very much impressed by how symmetrical and aesthetic her bald pussy was making me want to taste it to find out if it was as sweet as I imagined it to be.

I gave her a nice tip for having such a beautiful pussy, and in response she started masturbating stroking her clit and shoving her fingers inside. Watching her pleasuring herself made me ten times hornier. I could easily cum, but knowing it would be a shame to terminate the session so soon, I kept my hands away from my cock, so I wouldn't be tempted to masturbate.

Matildamd's 1-on-1 show on CamSoda

Then she did something that caught me completely by surprise. She fetched two dildos, put them at display in front of the cam and asked me to pick one. The first was of medium size; the second was quite big. She said she liked the smaller toy because of its color. There was no way I'd fall for her tricks. I chose the bigger dildo.

Matildamd is giving a private live show on CamSoda

Apparently, she didn't seem to care. She took the dildo I chose, the bigger one, and put it in her mouth. Saying that she sucked it would be an utterly inaccurate description. She devoured it like a famished refugee given her first meal after days of being deprived of food.

Matildamd in her private 1-on-1 performance on CamSoda

After she'd satisfied her hunger for a dick and after the dildo was adequately immersed in her saliva, she moved it to her pussy and started shoving. It didn't take her long to insert it in its entirety making me wonder: how in the name of all that is holy and unholy did she have room for all of it in her vagina? This girl was undoubtedly well-versed in the art of dildoism.

Matildamd during a 1-on-1 chat on CamSoda

I felt compelled to behold her ass, so I beseeched her to turn around and show it to me. She immediately complied spreading her buttocks revealing a beautifully pinkish a-hole. I tipped her, and to show me her gratitude, she began to lovingly caress that hole. Another tip made her finger it bringing me dangerously closer and closer to the point of no return.

Matildamd is giving a hot private performance on CamSoda

Suddenly, she pulled another rabbit out of her magic hat performing a maneuver I was totally unprepared for. She took the finger that was inside her anus and put it in her mouth licking it as if it were a sugary lollipop.

That's it! Involuntarily, my right hand was paving its way to my erected dick slapping it vehemently. I was about to cum and there was no force in the universe that could stop me. At the last moment, while my sperms were racing to the great wide world outside their place of confinement in my balls, I gathered enough strength to ask her to talk dirty to me.

It seemed that she liked the idea as I had no need to dictate to her what I wanted to hear. She was creative enough with her foul language asking me in good English to do all kind of things to her I'd rather not repeat here. I came so hard generating a shock wave that rocked the entire building where I live. The neighbors didn't complain since they've become used to this type of disruptions. As I said in the beginning, I've been spending quite a lot of time on CamSoda lately.

Being notified about my ejaculation, sweet Matildamd took out her tongue and began to eat my cam cleaning up all the mess I left behind. I gave her another tip for her meticulous sanitary work, thanked her for her time and ended the session.

Matildamd is performing live in her private room on CamSoda

All in all, I spent 25 wonderful minutes with Matildamd and for a price any user can afford — around $16.50 (not including tips). It's no secret that on CamSoda you can find superb cam models who will perform for you at such a low price.

On top of that, Matildamd, like most of CamSoda's performers, allows her private shows to be recorded. Every user can watch the recordings of their private shows as much as they wants free of charge. I must confess. I've watched Matildamd's show dozens of times focusing on the hot ass to mouth scene.

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