Best Cam Sites For Armpit Fetishists

While not the most common of fetishes, armpit fetishism also known as maschalagnia can be found with relative ease on most cam sites. Since all cam girls have armpits, it's just a matter of knowing where to look. Currently, there aren't any sites with dedicated armpit sections. So, we will provide you with a short guide and review for each of the sites we recommend for armpit cams.

When it comes to freemium cam sites, CamSoda stands at the top of our list. The site always has a ton of nudity throughout its pages. If you are on a computer, you can hover your mouse over one room to get a full preview of the entire page. Many girls are shirtless, so you can see if their armpits suite your tastes.


CamSoda cam girl showing armpits and flicking you off

Searching for armpits in the search bar will bring up a few results, but not all of them will be online. You can use the free chat rooms to find out what the cam girls are willing to perform, but most of the models mute users who don't have tokens. You don't need to spend tokens to chat, but you will need to have at least bought tokens.

CamSoda has nudity in both the free rooms and in private shows. We prefer the private shows, as they are more intimate and are usually inclusive of both cam2cam for free, even on mobile devices. Better yet, you get a free recording of the show with many of the site's cam girls, meaning you can keep the video and enjoy it for years to come. You can find many sex cam rooms for under $3.00 a minute.

CamSoda is one of the very few sites whose cam2cam apparatus works on mobile. This enables you to engage in exciting interactive video chats no matter where you are without being confined to your computer screen.

When it comes to sex cams, LiveJasmin stands at the head of the pack. The site has gorgeous cam girls and high standards to back to them up. While most of the cam girls on the site will be willing to play along with your armpit fantasies, the fetish section will have the cam girls most likely to have experience playing the role.


LiveJasmin cam girl showing off her shaved armpits

Searching for armpits in the search bar is not overly helpful, as it just displays all the webcam models online, rather than treating it like a tag. We recommend asking around in the free chat rooms, which even free/unregistered users can participate in. Unlike other sites, the models respond even to users who aren't logged in.

The real excitement happens in private shows, where the girls get sexual and frisky. Just make sure to talk to the model about your armpit preferences prior to starting the show. A private show ranges between $2.20 and $3.30 a minute, but there are cheaper and more expensive rooms. Cam2cam and bidirectional audio demand an additional fee of 1-2 dollars a minute each.

Much like CamSoda, LiveJasmin's c2c technology is responsive to mobile devices allowing you to open your cam on your smartphone and let the model watch you as you can watch her.

ImLive is a leader in cheap sex cams. There's a crazy loyalty program that gives you up to 25% extra credits on every purchase you make. You can also book long show periods, to get 30% off the cost of the show. Overall, there are many opportunities for savings. You can submit your armpit cam fantasy and the models that are willing to act it out will message you to arrange a session.


ImLive cam girl showing off her pits

If you are looking for an online model to do a c2c armpit session immediately, things get a little more difficult. The search bar won't necessarily bring up online results. You will need to ask around in the free chat rooms. Thankfully, on ImLive, all registered users can chat with the models before having spent money on the site.

Private chats are where the action really happens. You get the girl all to yourself. Private shows are inclusive of cam2cam and 2 way audio on all computers. The shows range between $1.98 and $3.00 a minute at the lowest level of the loyalty tier. The price drops as you rise up the levels and get more bonus credits with each purchase. At present, cam2cam is not available on mobile devices. logo

C2CPorn isn't a cam site, it's an aggregate site. It lists all the cam girls from 7 different cam sites, giving you a huge pool of models. The site can be great for helping you to find an armpit fetish webcam room. Searching for armpit in the search bar gives you hundreds of results. While most of them are offline, you should scroll to the end of the list as the rooms aren't sorted by online status.


C2CPorn armpit tagged cam girl

C2CPorn does not have any chat rooms. It is a directory to help you find the sort of cam girls that will suite your taste. We recommend browsing around and looking for relevant rooms. Just be aware that clicking on the different cam girls will take you to different sites.

Even if you clicked out on one of the girls tagged for armpits, we still recommend confirming with her prior to starting a show on whatever site you end up on. Webcam models aren't always the best with their tag systems, so it's always better to confirm rather than be disappointed.

MyFreeCams was the original free cam site. After it launched, many other sites copied it. While the UI might look a bit dated, the selection available on the site is amazing. MyFreeCams is one of the few cam sites where you are likely to find multiple online cam girls tagged for armpits. Just search for armpit in the search bar.


MyFreeCams model presenting armpits

The girls tagged for armpits usually have a token price listed. These prices reflect how much you will need to tip to see her armpits in the free chat rooms. Cam girls that aren't tagged for armpits will also be willing to show off their pits, but you will need to ask around in the rooms for that. To talk in most rooms, you will have to have made at least one purchase on the site.

MyFreeCams often has hundreds of other users in the rooms, meaning you might want to shift to a private show for more intimacy. There is a set price of $6.00 a minute on MyFreeCams, a price which is not inclusive of cam2cam. To cam2cam on MyFreeCams you will need to configure your account appropriately, a setting only available on a computer.

Chaturbate has more sex cam rooms online than any other site. Regardless of what you are looking for, you are going to be able to find it on the site. While the tag system available on Chaturbate can get very messy, it is surprisingly good for armpits. You need to search for it as a hashtag, so put it as #armpit or #armpits in the search bar.


Chaturbate cam girl with smooth armpits

To reach the search bar on Chaturabte, you will need to click on Advanced Options. To make sure that your results for armpits only contain women, make sure to do the search while in the FEMALE section. The cam girls on Chaturbate are notoriously bad at tagging themselves. We recommend confirming with them in the free chat rooms. Users who don't hold tokens are muted in most rooms, but not all.

Private shows are where you can go to get away from the crowds. The cam girls often include free show recordings. However, cam2cam is never included. Like on MyFreeCams, you have to set up cam2cam separately. To cam2cam on Chaturbate you have to set yourself up as a broadcaster. You can set a password up, so that only the model you want to watch can see you. At present c2c is not an option on mobile devices. You can find plenty of rooms for under $4.00 a minute.

Flirt4Free has a smaller collection of cam girls than most sites because of its stringent quality control guidelines. The site lets any girl over 18 register as a model, but those that don't prove popular enough are quickly removed from the site's pages. The search functions on Flirt4Free are not too great. We recommend taking advantage of the forums.


Flirt4Free nude armpits cam girl

The search bar yields results for all the models on the site that have ever tagged themselves for armpits, with absolutely no consideration for online status. But, on the plus side, it does pull up a nice collection of armpit fetish, armpit worship, and armpit licking videos which you can purchase. As a registered user, you can talk in all of the free cam rooms.

The free rooms are not overly explicit. To get the model to play with her armpits, you are going to have to START YOUR SHOW. You can choose either a multi-user show or a private show. Cam2cam is available in both, but if you go for a multi-user show, you can only cam2cam if you were the user who started the show, rather than having joined some else's. Multi-user shows start at $0.50 a minute, with privates costing more. At present, c2c is not possible on your phone.

Unlike other cam sites, where you buy credits/tokens, on Streamate you leave your payment method on file and pay as you go. Searching for armpits in the search bar yields a lot of results, but the vast majority of these girls will be offline, with only a few actually being available to watch live. You might want to just ask around in the free chat rooms.


Streamate cuckquean armpit webcam

The free chat rooms are free to watch, but to talk in these rooms you are going to have to register an account. To do that, you will have to enter a payment method. Streamate is very clear about what costs money. You will never be charged for anything without being explicitly made aware that what you are about to do will cost you and what it will cost you. You can even set a daily limit for yourself, to avoid going broke.

Private chats are where you will get to actually enjoy yourself. The cam girls on Streamate charge very high fees if you look to pay for requests in the free rooms. The prices are much more manageable when you stick to the privates. The price range is quite large, but you can find many rooms for under $4.00 a minute.


If you're looking for liberal and flirty models who have no problem performing in their birthday suits unashamedly exposing their intimate parts, armpits included, and if the ability to carry out cam2cam video chats from your mobile phone is important to you, CamSoda should be your first choice.


Finding armpit cams is quite easy, but may require a bit of asking around. If you would like to save yourself the hassle of going from room to room searching for the girl willing to lick her armpits and whatever else suites your fancy, then we recommend going to ImLive and submitting your fantasy. It is the surest way of getting what you want.


If you prefer a more immediate experience, with the most experienced webcam models the internet has to offer, then LiveJasmin is what you are looking for. If a webcam model agreed to perform something in the chat, she is contractually obligated to perform it for you in a private show.


If tipping in a free chat room is what you are after, then MyFreeCams or Chaturbate will most likely be right for you. Between the two of them, we recommend starting off with MyFreeCams, where the girls are less abusive of the tags.


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