XXX Cam Sites That Use Credits

Most sex cam sites use credits or tokens. These are the 3 adult chat sites which use credits. The sites are all premium in nature, each ranking within the top 5 of our list of Best Webcam Sites. Find out what is different about each site and what each has to offer. We discuss everything, from the selection available, to the prices for each individual show type.

LiveJasmin is the #1 cam site in the world. The site has a huge variety of webcam models in all the gender categories. The vast majority of the cam girls on the site use HD webcams, with the HD tag reserved only for those using a full 1080 HD camera. You can explore and chat in all the free chat rooms before you've ever registered with an account.


LiveJasmin sexy cam girl

LiveJasmin usually have over 1,000 webcam models online. There is a big selection in all categories, including the fetish chat rooms. You can find cam girls from all corners of the globe and of all body shapes and sizes. While the site has plenty of free chat rooms to engage with the models in, you won't find much if any nudity in them.

Nudity on LiveJasmin is reserved for the paid shows. You can choose the VIP group shows which have no cam2cam or a private show with cam2cam. VIP shows cost $2.40 and up for a show of up to 15 minutes. Private shows average at about $2.40 a minute, depending on which cam girl you chose. Private shows on LiveJasmin are inclusive of cam2cam on computers, but not mobile devices.

While cam2cam is available on your phone, it costs an extra $1.20 a minute. Two way audio isn't included on any device and also usually costs $1.20 a minute when available. While those prices might sound excessive, no other site guarantees two way audio and the other sites on this list don't offer cam2cam on mobile devices.

LiveJasmin will reward you with up to 9.99 free credits on every 5th purchase. This might not sound like the most rewarding loyalty program, but it is simple and easy to follow while still being rewarding.

Customer support - live chat, email, phone.

Flirt4Free sits in the middle ground between being completely premium and being completely freemium. While most of the models only strip in private shows, others will strip for tips in the free chat rooms. The male and female categories are quite full, but the transgenders and couples are quite limited. You can talk in some rooms once you've registered, but are muted in others until purchasing credits.


Cute tattooed Latina on Flirt4Free

In total, you will find about 500 webcam rooms online on Flirt4Free. These rooms are split more or less evenly between the men and the women, with about a dozen trannies and couples to choose from. While the male category is quite varied, the female category focuses more on thinner and younger women.

Most of the free nudity on Flirt4Free can be found in the Party Chat rooms where users tip for goals. However, the goals are usually quite high and are not always met. For a better experience, most users gravitate towards the Multi-user or Private shows, both of which can be inclusive of cam2cam.

Multi-user shows start off at $0.55 a minute, with the option to cam2cam being available only to the first user to initiate the show (i.e. you can't cam2cam if you join someone else's ongoing multi-user show). Private shows are more expensive, starting off around the $3.00 a minute mark, but you always get the option to turn on your webcam.

Flirt4Free's rewards program is incredibly complex. Basically, you collect points for various tasks and you can trade these points in for various things, such as free videos or discount codes.

Customer support - live chat, email, phone.

ImLive is one of the oldest names in the industry. ImLive has remained in the game by offering consistently low prices. While the average video quality on the site can't compete with the two sites above, the prices in the long run are lower. Registering with an account will enable you to chat in all of the free cam rooms.


Cute ImLive webcam host

Depending on the time of day you log on, you will find between 600 and 800 sex chat rooms online on ImLive. There is a very big selection of transgender performers, though the number of male chat hosts has diminished in recent years. ImLive is unique in giving you the option to submit your fantasy rather than search through all the rooms manually.

The free cam rooms on the site are great for getting to know the webcam model better, but you will find very limited free nudity. If you are looking for a cheap show, we recommend the Candy Show, which are basically the site's version of a group show. The price ranges greatly from model to model.

Private shows on ImLive are always inclusive of cam2cam and two way audio. The average price is between $2.00 and $3.00 a minute if you don't take any discounts into effect. You can get coupon codes from individual hosts and booking long show types can knock up to 30% off the cost of a show.

ImLive's rewards program is absolutely amazing. While it takes a long time to climb up the tiers, you will get up to 25% free credits with every purchase at the highest level.

Customer support - email, phone, live chat at Gold loyalty level.


LiveJasmin is the best sex cam site in pretty much all regards. While the cheapest sex cam rooms on LiveJasmin are more expensive than the cheapest rooms on the other two sites, the average price on LiveJasmin is lower than the average price on the other two.

In terms of the number of webcam models, the video quality, and what is offered in private shows, LiveJasmin is the clear winner.

Flirt4Free is good if you are looking for some free nudity, while ImLive is good if you are looking for cheap show. But, overall, LiveJasmin really blows the other two out of the water.

We recommend heading over there now to find out what's available. Don't forget that you can chat with the models before registering.


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