American Express Halts Payments on Live Cam Sites

Amex has stopped working with adult sites of any kind. The payments processor has come under pressure from anti-porn groups that have come after them for processing online payments at adult content sites. Unfortunately, the credit card company decided to lump all adult sites into one bundle of online porn, and has included live cam sites into this bundle.

Amex has decided to no longer accept payments from adult cam sites

But fear not, as more and more options for payment pop up all the time, some of which are arguably more secure and safe, such as PayPal and Bitcoin, or those that let you put a cap on your spending, like prepaid cards. In addition, paying with gift cards is always fun, instead of letting them gather dust in a random drawer.

Other payment options still available:

  1. PayPal - The Internet's leading payment processor for good reason, as it provides security and also flexibility - You can set up multiple bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards to fund your PayPal account.
  2. Credit Cards / Debit Cards - Debit cards are useful, as you can't get into debt, they can only be used according to what's available in your account. Credit cards are used widely because you can build up good credit, and these cards also offer rewards and other perks.
  3. Bitcoin - Using Bitcoin can be very advantageous, as many sites give discounts when using it, as it costs less to process than cards.
  4. Prepaid Cards - The safest card to use, a prepaid allows you to fill it up in advance, and so using it is similar to cash, no personal bank info is needed. It also puts a cap on your spending.
  5. Gift Cards - These are probably the most fun to use as payment, seeing as nothing is coming out of your wallet. Some sites only take several kinds, while others accept almost every gift card chain, from Starbucks to Home Depot.

However you choose to pay, and despite American Express' exit, live cam sites will only get stronger and more popular, so your favorite models aren't going anywhere.

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