Live Cam Chat Sites Are Good, But Features Make Them Better

When looking for, and watching live adult webcams, what is it that really sells you on a site? Sure, the live amateur chat models are the key component in a site earning your attention, but what does it take for a site to get your attention full time? Is it possible?

Here at BestWebcamSites, we are looking to bring you just that. Nothing but the best webcam sites that the net has to offer.


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They all operate on a similar principle, with live adult webcams, streaming twenty-four hours a day. With this main business concept of amateur chat models shared by all, each individual live adult webcams site needs to expand their services in order to stake their claim among the best webcam sites.

These extras come in the form of integrated features, linked to either the live adult webcams themselves, or as extra features on the rest of the site.

These features can range from private videos or picture galleries uploaded and managed by the amateur chat models themselves, to special members clubs for individual amateur chat models, that see ‘fan club’ members entitled to discounts and special private shows based on anything from their monthly total investment in the live adult webcams shows to the models personal selection of her top fan.

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Other features that throw a site into the best webcams sites contention are things like cam-to-cam feeds. When the cam to cam software first hit the adult webcam chat niche, it was a paid for service, but now, as the race for the top few spots heats up, we are seeing more and more adult webcam chat sites offering cam to cam chat as a free bonus for their loyal members.

Sometimes, a feature that once made a site stand out from the crowd, because commonplace, yet at the same time, a site cannot afford not to have it on offer. This would include the ‘favourites’ button, and high definition adult webcam chat streams.

After all, everybody in the modern world wants to watch things in HD and this includes their favourite amateur webcam models over on their best webcam sites.

Out of all of the options and features offered by the different cam sites there is one that stands out above the others. The multi-tiered membership programs are a constant surprise for fans of live adult webcams, and certainly go a long way to make a site one of the best webcam sites. Features such as those on ImLive, who offer different bonuses for different acts from the member. Every act is worth a number of reward points, and with it comes progression through the levels, which in turn bring with them new cam chat bonuses.

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This is the sort of chat site feature that not only encourages a lot of people to make use of the site, but to explore it, to find out the sections that may often be overlooked in exchange for higher rewards and quicker progression.

This benefits not only the members but the site as well, making it the sort of feature that really does have a win-win vibe to it.

This is the sort of feature that separates the wannabes from the best webcam sites. It is, in our opinion the most powerful feature a live cam site can have because it offers this double layer of benefit that makes everybody happy.

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