It's Not a Bongacams Party If you Don't Invite Your Friends

There are a lot of live adult chat sites out there in the world today, but very few of them offer a better range of live chat cams bonuses than

There is certainly an addictive side to the sites, with such a high number of streaming web cam chat rooms on each site, there is always plenty of room of choice, and dare I say experimentation. Trying new things is indeed the spice of life.


Expanding horizons and trying new live adult chat sites is a good thing, a healthy thing, and that is why Bongacams, and other live chat cams like it, offer a continuing array of web cam chat bonuses. Not only are they interested in bringing in new customers, but in keeping happy those that are already members.


These promotions change regularly, and Bongacams are currently running a very interesting offer. Not only is it an extremely easy live chat cams bonus to achieve, it is also an interesting live adult chat opportunity: Refer-a-Friend.

We have all heard of these little offers. They are in many ways a staple of any membership based organization, and live adult chat sites are no exception. Due to the high number of live chat cams on offer, there is always a demand for more customers. What better than to use word of mouth advertising and reward existing members for getting new members to sign up.

The more the merrier at bongacams

The principles behind this web cam chat offer are simple. If you refer to a friend, either via a predefined ‘invitation link’ or through the email form offered on the site, and they sign up, your account will be credit with 50% of the total amount of tokens they use for their first purchase.

Let’s take a look at the numbers behind this live adult chat offer.

If a referred friend enters $50 for their first web cam chat session, then you will receive $25.

There are varying live adult chat show options for you to enjoy on a site like Bongacams, and each live chat cams experience comes with its own price.

Your $25 refer a friend bonus would get you approximately 215 tokens.

Show costs vary depending on your desires


The average private web cam chat show on Bongacams costs 30 tokens a minute. This means that by referring a friend you can get over seven minutes of private adult chat cams fun for FREE. That is the top rated show you can get. Just you and a live adult webcam model ready to do anything your heart desires.

If you wanted to stretch your free bonus as far as possible, you could use it for secret spy shows; peeking in on other people private sessions. The cost of this runs from as low as 7 tokens per minute. This gives you over Thirty minutes of live chat cams action for absolutely free.

Think of all of the fun and games you can have with thirty minutes of free time.

Don’t forget of course that the more friends you refer, the more adult chat cams time you can earn.

This offer is not a full time option, so make the most of it while it lasts. You have everything to win and nothing to lose.

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