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Last Updated September 13, 2022

I'll start off this review by making it perfectly clear that if you're looking for a budget cam show that won't break the bank, LiveJasmin's TonniaTaylor is not an option. Her private show rates are expensive, even for LiveJasmin, but there's a good reason why this girl charges more than most.

TonniaTaylor is one of the most popular cam girls at the site and for a long time I'd been curious to know why even with her higher private show rates, she was booked for private sessions more than lower priced models. With so many fans waiting to grab some alone time with her, I wanted to know what happens in a 1on1 situation that makes it so appealing for so many. So, in the name of research, I saved up some LiveJasmin credits and prepared for a mega splurge.

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Price per minute5.99 credits
Free show recordingNo
ToysDildo, Lovense
Dirty talkYes
Overall score8/10

TonniaTaylor is a passionate woman, this is apparent in her open cam room where she holds court, oozing sexuality yet remaining feminine and even somewhat aloof. And, her passion also comes through in her personality. She's no submissive sexpot. This babe seems to know what you want before you want it. She'll take control of the situation in the most fluid way, yet lead you to exactly where you want to go. At the end of the day, this is probably why so many people are willing to pay the premium for a 1on1 cam date with her. You can just sit back and enjoy the moment without thinking of what to say or what to ask her for. She knows even if you don't.

For a while I'd considered having some exclusive fun with her, yet every time I went into her room when she was streaming live, she had already been whisked into a closed session. This happened several times. So, when the day finally came that I went to visit her, and there she was, lounging on her bed with her magnificent boobs trying to escape from her black leather looking bra, I knew I had to set them free.

I didn't even bother chatting to her beforehand, I was too afraid someone else would come in and take her private. I just clicked on the Start Private Show button and then introduced myself. I was greeted with a luminous smile as she introduced herself and straight away asked me what I thought of her outfit as it was new. I was slightly nervous at first, but she seemed to sense that and put me at ease within the first few seconds.

I told her I loved black leather and latex, she responded that she felt that and then slowly stood up to show me the entire get-up. As she turned around, she bent over so I could get a close-up view of her juicy ass. An ass which is deserving of a Twitter or Instagram feed of its own. She than sat down and started to slowly undo her bra, explaining that her tits just needed some fresh air. At this point I was silent, just waiting to see the treasure I'd dreamed of. She suddenly stopped as if knowing I was holding my breath and laughed. I typed as quickly as I could asking her to continue. She smiled and told me to say please. She was in control. She knew it and she made sure her control would drive me wild.

After a few moments of begging there they were. She zoomed her cam in close so I could see them in all their HD glory. She started playing with her nipples, squeezing them and licking them. I couldn't believe that this act would make me want to cum, but with this sexpot, anything she does seems to get your cock to the pinnacle where you can take it no more.

She then slid her fingers into her underwear and told me to behave and not to move as she played with herself starring directly into the camera. At this point I was seriously regretting not turning on my cam so she could see the effect she was having on me. When she pulled her hand out and put her fingers up to her mouth and slowly started licking them, I decided there was no point in holding on any further and sat back and let the explosion take place.

To be fair, I was desperate to hold on, but as I mentioned she is justifiably one of the more expensive models and I knew I was about to run out of credits. The fact that the cost was always in the back of my mind is the only reason I didn't give her a 10 out of 10. This isn't fair on the tempting Ms. TonniaTaylor, as she deserves every penny you spend, but the overall experience was marred by my limited budget capabilities.

At the end of the day she is a special occasion partner, unless you can afford her price — and, don't be like me, add the extra to turn on your camera and use your microphone. That was my biggest regret. If any girl deserves to see the effect she's having on someone, then it's TonniaTaylor.

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