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As I was wandering through CamSoda's pages watching the video displays in the models' thumbnails, Lanarose 55 suddenly grabbed my attention. I just couldn't ignore the beautiful light brown straight hair, hazel eyes and, most of all, the innocent look on her pretty face, which I knew was hiding something quite naughty I was forced to discover.

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Price per minute18 tokens
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Dirty talkYes
Overall score9/10

So without any further delays, I invited her to a private session. The show started in the most respectable manner. We just chatted a bit getting to know one another. I learned that she is Russian. It wasn't mentioned in her quite laconic bio, but even if it were, I wouldn't know. Being utterly mesmerized by her beauty, I hadn't bothered to check before I started the show. She also told me about her taste in men and what she likes in sex.

And then in a sharp transition from decency to obscenity, as she took off her black bra and underwear, revealing a feminine body shape that resembled a Greek goddess. Needless to say, I reached steam point in just seconds.

I somehow managed to get a grip of myself as I didn't want to cum prematurely and asked if I could see her pussy in close up. She immediately fulfilled my wish, lied on her back, put her shaved vagina in the center of the frame and began to gently stroke her clit. I couldn't help myself and tipped her, which made her go faster with her hand movements pleasuring herself more intensively.

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I asked her if she had some other toys apart from her Lovense device, as I felt like watching her shoving some stuff inside her. Much to my disappointment, she said she was only using a Lovense. I didn't give up and asked her if she was into anal, she said no, but to prevent my level of disappointment from rising further, she assumed a doggy position and exposed her tiny and sexy butt hole to my amazed (and lustful) eyes. And all of that without asking anything in return. I felt she was there for me doing everything in her power to give me agood time, and I responded with shedding some tips showing her my appreciation.

To make the show even more exciting, I dared asked her to start using foul language. I had no way of knowing how she would respond to that request, but to my delight, she agreed to play along and repeated in Russian what I said in English, and I am talking about really dirty sentences like "I want to suck your big cock".

At that point, I couldn't hold myself anymore and vehemently ejaculated completely emptying my reservoirs. For a grand finale, I asked her to lick my love juice and without saying a word, she took out her little tongue and started licking, in my imagination, leaving everything as clean as it had been before the show began.

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To conclude, the 20 minutes I spent with Lanarose 55 were close to being perfect. I was lucky to find a model who was amiable as much as she was beautiful and sexy. This pleasure cost me, including the tips I gave her to show my appreciation of her ceaseless efforts to make me happy, around $35.00 - not the cheapest cam chat, but definitely money well spent. The show was recorded in full and I'll surely watch it later on to experience the excitement again and again.

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