Sex Cam Sites That Are Like An Adult ChatRoulette and Omegle

The most recent change to the adult webcam industry has been the creation of random adult cams sites. These are, for lack of a better comparison, adult sites like ChatRoulette or Omegle. They offer a random chat service whereby you, as the user, do not need to browse through the models and choose one that turns out on, but rather, you can place your sexual satisfaction in the hands of the gods and allow live random cam models that change to put a smile on your face.

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to the "Adult ChatRoulette", no other adult themed webcam site can come close to the levels of joy that can be found online at SlutRoulette, and not to mention - it's 100% Free.


Screenshot of Random Adult Chat at SlutRoulette
Random Adult Chat at SlutRoulette

So How does Random Adult Chat Work Exactly?

The site works on the same basis as other random cam sites, but takes things that one step further. By removing men from the equation, and increasing the spreading of women's legs, and the moistening of female body parts, you computer screen is transformed from a mundane place to a hot adventurous world, where something new is waiting around every corner.

Take your average adult webcam for a moment. You are delivered into a world where you have to make a conscious decision as to which model you want to entertain you, and, let´s face it, the ultimate goal is to get your rocks off. What this leads to is a sense of safety and security. You find yourself drawn to particular models, or at least a certain cam channel; Blonde ladies, for example.

Well, with a site like SlutRoulette, while you have that option to a degree, you can also take the new and exciting route of spinning the roulette wheel and seeing which gorgeous webcam partner you are given. All you need is a valid email and to choose a nickname (for age verification purposes), and the password will be emailed to you. No credit card needed, no nonsense, create a free user and start chatting now!

Screenshot of Free Signup Screen
Free Signup Screen

The True and Exciting Beauty of Random Adult Cams

The female body is beautiful, in all its forms. It is something to wonder at, to admire and worship. It is like a piece of fine art, everything has its own beauty and value based on who is holding it, but to expand your knowledge, broaden your tastes and experiences, our minds must be open to new experiences. Free, online random cam chat models offer the perfect palate broadening opportunities. If you don’t like your designated cam chat partner, the you just spin the wheel and see who you get allocated next. Sure, you can just keep spinning until you find a random blonde adult cams star, but why not at least afford yourself the possibility of experiencing something new?

Random chat sites like Omegle have long been popular amongst those looking to use the internet and online webcams to make new people and enjoy anonymous, first time chat with new people. Well, works on the same basis. New experiences and good time, lay ahead, just relax and throw yourself into the stream.

Screenshots of Random Cam Models
Random Cam Models

And just as a side note, the interface of is available in 9 different languages, which you can choose in the top right corner of the main screen:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Swedish

Screenshot of SlutRoulette Languages

The Paid Membership Option - Yes, the Cam Models need to Make a Living too

SlutRoulette, as a random adult chat live streaming website, offers access on two levels. Free, unregistered users can play the game of sexual roulette. They can see cams and roll the wheel as often as they like until they find an adult cam model that suits their needs or takes their fancy. The only hindrance is that they cannot chat with the models. This, and also the standard private shows and tipping structure, which works the same way as every other adult cam site, such as MyFreeCams, BongaCams and Chaturbate, are all available through a quick and easy free membership signup. Free members can then chat with models, and depending on whether you wish to add funds to your account, you can also send tips and monetary incentives to models.

The basic premise that made random cam chat sites like so strong were that both parties were random and both could cut the communication at any point in time. With SlutRoulette however, you have all of the control. At the end of the day, it is an adult random webcam site, the aim of the game, as far as the attractive models starring in it, are concerned, is to earn credit, and get paid at the end of the week. This gives you the control. If you like what you see, then you can keep watching. As long as you obey the house rules, as with every site of this nature, the model has no reason to kick you out.

You can see that with a site like SlutRoulette, you actually get the best of both worlds. You get the random chat nature of sites like or a web site like ChatRoulette, with all of the erotic advantages of other adult webcam sites like the ever successful Jasmin and ImLive.

The Bottom Line

As you might have learned from reading this, a new door in the world online adult entertainment has been opened. At the moment it is just ajar, but get on the bandwagon now and ride the upcoming storm as the door gets blown wide open. Random adult video chat is the future of online adult web cams. SlutRoulette is just the beginning of a new niche in the industry. There are a great many ways that the site, and others like it can develop. If the success of can keep growing, the sky is the limit for adult sites like and ChatRoulette.


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