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Last Updated September 08, 2022

Everybody likes it when they are rewarded for their patronage. It doesn’t matter what it is, but the mere fact that you are being rewarded for your custom makes us happy. Maybe we are all simple creatures, but so is the way of the world.

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Within the live adult chat cam industry, there seems to be a good understand of this way of thinking, and as a result, free chat cam sites are always offering an attractive array of bonuses to keep customers happy.

Now, some may say it is because there is stiff competition in the live web cam chat world, but here at BestWebcamSites we say, who cares what the ulterior motives of a company are. The benefit is there for us as users to reap.

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Obviously these offers are not permanent, and one must be on the ball to make the most of them when they appear.

Currently, one of the best offers in the live adult chat world is being offered by Chaturbate.com. They are running a promotion that is offering free tokens to all members.

I don’t think we need to explain to you the pure awesomeness of free tokens in a free chat cam environment. It is the holy grail of rewards.

How do we get these awesome live adult chat rewards?  I hear you all cry. Well, it is simple.

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In recent times, data security has become a big item of discussion, and while companies are forever changing their security and ensuring better protection against everything from spam to fraud.

For many sites, these updates are a chore, or at very best an unread email removed straight away. To the minds behind Chaturbate however, these updates are an opportunity. A promotional chance that was too good to be missed.

As part of their fraud protection program, Chaturbate have introduce a credit card authentication process, and rather than make this another mundane task that most will ignore, they are offering 200 free credits to ever member that completes the form.

200 FREE credits, that is an unbelievable offer, especially for something as simple as filling in a form, to confirm details that they already have.

Obviously, you need to have used your account before you authenticate, but for most members, this will not be a problem.

The form itself is very simple, and asks for no information that would not have already been provided to the site. In essence, you are being given a tremendous reward for confirming your identification.

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Let’s put this reward into a quantifiable example.  A private live adult chat show on Chaturbate can start from as low as 6 credits per minute. That means for your free credits, you can enjoy 30 minutes of free chat cam action in a private one-on-one environment where the only limits are your own.

Half an hour of live web cam chat, think about all of the naughty fun you could have with the gorgeous models at Chaturbate. Of course, you don’t need to use them all in one go, you could spread your credits over multiple live web cam chat sessions to really maximize your reward.

This is certainly one of the simpler, and most rewarding promotions I have seen in a while, and it would be foolish to let it slip by.

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    I think it's a blessing for the average Joe earning free credits in accordance once in order to meet their average Joe, Maria, or both.

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