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Last Updated September 19, 2022

Getting free access to private sex shows at is a simple process, requiring only a few steps. If you're looking to get a taste of what the full experience is like with a webcam model, then please follow our guidance, below.

If we could choose one site we'd like to get free access to, it would most definitely be LiveJasmin. Their models are stunning. They broadcast from professional looking settings. And they stream their chat rooms in nothing less than HD720p, with most cams at HD1080p.


So, what exactly is a free private sex show at LiveJasmin?

Private Teasers are 20-second peeks into an on-going sex show. When you register as a Basic Member, before purchasing a credits package, they'll offer you 10 Free private peeks. When you choose to peek into a show, a counter in the bottom-right of the player will show how much time you've got left. If you have a favorite model you're lusting over, you can spend them all on her, or you may spread them out and get a tasty sampling of ten different models. Either way, enjoy!

LiveJasmin private teaser into ongoing sexchat.

What do I need to do to attain the LiveJasmin Private Teasers?

  • Create a Basic membership, by going to the Join Now button at the top of the main page.
  • Complete the free registration by creating a Username and Password, and submitting your Email.
  • Now, you'll be offered 10 Free private peeks and up to 10 Free minutes of private chat. Claim your Benefits.
  • You'll be taken to their payment page where you'll see various credits packages to purchase. Click the 'X' at top of this box to close out.
  • Now, you'll be presented with a "One Time Offer" of receiving 9.99 Credits, which come with the 10 Free private peeks.
  • After selecting 'Get it for free', you'll be asked to enter your credit card details for validation.

This credit card validation will cost you nothing. Though you may see a charge, at the cost of one credit, appear on your statement, that charge will be refunded. This is only to ensure that you are using a valid card.

I'm chatting with my favorite model in her free chat, how do I see her naked?

You'll have to wait till another member takes her into a private chat show. Then, and only then, will you see her free chat window close, and the pop-up will appear asking if you want to use one of your LiveJasmin private teasers to take a peek.

LiveJasmin free peek into an ongoing sexchat.

Or, lets say, you've saved some models into your favorites lists. When you check your list, you see that one of your favorites is in a private sex show. Go ahead and go to her page, and you'll be shown the offer to use your LiveJasmin Private Teasers.

When you get your private teasers, you'll also be gifted up to 10 Free minutes.

LiveJasmin free peek and 10 free minutes of sex chat.

With your credit card validation, you'll also be gifted up to 10 Free minutes to use how you want. If you want the full 10 minutes, then you'll have to choose models with a rate of a dollar a minute. Or you can have two glorious minutes with one of the more popular or veteran models than may be charging up to $5.00 a minute. You decide!

There's not much to this. But we do have some closing notes and tips:

  • The other members in the private chat will not know you are watching with your LiveJasmin free peek.
  • You will only see the model. You will not see the other member, even if they happen to be in a private cam2cam session. And, of course, other members can not see you.
  • When you do see a model go into a private chat, go ahead and wait a minute or so before entering. With this strategy you will get to see her as she is well into her show, and not just starting out.
  • Use the 10 Free credits to take snapshots. The snapshot function is in the video player and costs 0.30 credits each.
  • And, if LiveJasmin isn't enough for you, please consider sites like LiveJasmin.

If these private teasers and free credits, that LiveJasmin is gifting you, won't be enough to assure you that you have found one of the greatest gifts the internet has bestowed upon us all, then we don't know what else would convince you. So, get going! And use this generous gift before LiveJasmin does something crazy, and takes the offer away.


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  • Question

    I noticed some models are in exclusive privates for hrs is there any reason for this? just wondering because one of the models i enjoy seems to be always in exclusive private anymore.

    • admin

      Well, if the LiveJasmin model you enjoy is occupied in privates most of the time, then it's time you schedule a private with that model. To reach a model that is in a private or is currently offline, go to your Messages (the envelope icon on the top menu bar), then search the model's name in the "Start new conversation" box. When you find your model, you will see her rate per message sent. Most model charge between 1 to 3 credits per message.

  • 8ball

    Please let me in private free chat please

  • hans

    after the 10 privat peeks are over, how can I get 10 privat peeks again?

    • admin

      Make a new account, though I wouldn't suggest doing that. You can get banned by the site if you get caught making too many accounts. If you just prefer peeking, try a freemium cam site instead, like CamSoda

  • Dave

    How can I peek in on a exclusive chat

    • admin

      sorry, you can't spy on Exclusive chats

  • Dave

    How can I peek in on a exclusive chat

    • admin

      You can not peek in on an Exclusive Chat

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  • BestWebcamSites

    Yes, models can see when you peek. They actually make money off it.

  • Mort

    Does the model know you peeked?

  • Tutofriend

    they don't give away anymore ... 10 Free private peeks.They don't give away ... 10 free private looks.I spent all day watching the private ones, but they no longer give them me :(

    • admin

      Contact LiveJasmin customer support for help in that regard

  • Blake

    Appreciate you sharing this with us. Always good to look out for new opportunities and fun places to hang out.

  • boydd

    I have been a member of jasmin for a long time and their offers are always great.

  • Casey

    TRIED THE free peaks. Not great but the model was super fit so I signed up., Guess it does work.

  • johnie

    interesting article. Giving away free peaks is a clever idea and a nice way to generate interest.

  • Elijah

    not the best offer in the world, but the freebe is appreciated and will get my custom on a paying basis nonetheless

  • melvin

    never skip a chance to see free live women. Jasmin is the best site arouind and their free peaks are cool

  • gregory

    thanks for sharing this information. Live cam modles giving free teasers is great.

  • Lowell

    free peaks are always fun. The jasmin models are always hot and the shows super fun

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