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We at BestWebCamSites watch a hell of a lot of live pornography. Sometimes, we see exciting things we want to share, but there just isn't enough meat to justify writing a long article. That's why we have this blog section. So we can share posts about our favorite cam girls and interesting shows we happened to catch.

This is where you will find interesting posts about the online adult webcam world and information about more obscure payment methods that aren't necessarily available in all parts of the world. We also included updates about upgrades adult webcam sites make to their site.

As of 2018, we've started doing a Cam Girl of the Month post. Get ready to check out some seriously hot babes that keep the show interesting with more than just their bodies.

Phone-Paid Cam Sites


We found three adult chat sites where you can buy credits through your phone bill instead of a credit card. You call a phone number and leave the line open until you have topped up the amount of credits you want.

Find out what the sites are, what countries you can buy sex cam credits over the phone in, and what order we recommend them in.


Behold - Mobile Cam 2 Cam Chat


Looking long and hard, we realized that there is only one webcam site online right now where you can have cam2cam sex chat while on your phone. All sites work on the mobile device, but this is the only one where you can have two way video chat as well.

Find out what they have to offer and whether we would recommend the cam2cam service while your phone.


ImLive Will Fulfill All Your Sexual Fantasies


If you have a secret desire for sex that is a little unconventional, then you probably know how hard it can be to find a cam girl that is willing to do what you want at a reasonable price. We found an awesome little feature on ImLive that can help you get all your sexual desires and fantasies taken care of.

Find out how to get the dirtiest webcam girls coming to you.


BreathOfLife - February 2018 Cam Girl of the Month


The month of February is coming to a close and that means it's time to crown our cam girl of the month for February of 2018. Our winner this month is the gorgeous BreathOfLife of LiveJasmin. Find out what she looks like and why she has a perfect score from over 1200 users.

If you are looking for quality classy babe, she is unmissable.


Check Out Flirt4Free's Deals


With cam rooms as low as 5 credits a minute and the option to Strike an Offer, Flirt4Free has always been a fantastic site with low prices and fantastic deals.

Little did we know, Flirt4Free actually has even more deals than we thought.

Find out about the coupon codes hidden deep within the Flirt4Free site and how to claim them.


Get Free Tokens for Verifying Your CC on the Top 3 Cam Sites


Making a purchase on a site you are unfamiliar with can be a disturbing experience for many users. You like what you see, but you aren't sure what you are really going to get. That's why these three sites give you free credits for verifying your credit card.

They charge you and then automatically refund you, just to make sure you are a real person and that the card you submitted works.

What you get is up to 20 minutes of free private chat time with sexy babes.


LiveJasmin Scheduled Shows


LiveJasmin has had VIP shows for quite some time, but you could only book shows for a short time ahead. Now, there's the newly introduced LiveJasmin scheduled sex shows, where you can book yourself a spot days in advance. Find out what benefits watching scheduled shows has and where you can find them on the site. The show will go on, even if you're the only one who bought a ticket.


Shackle_Shot - 01/2018 Cam Girl of the Month


It's the first month of a New Year and we've decided on a brand new tradition. We are going to be bringing you our favorite cam girls each month. Sharing is caring, and that's why we want to introduce you to some new beauties. First up, our winner for January 2018's webcam model of the month is Shackle_Shot, a stunning beauty from Chaturbate. Find out why you should add her to your favorites list.


Cam Sites That Take Gift Cards - Use Up the Cards You Don't Need


Every year thousands if not millions of people get gift cards to stores they absolutely hate. Well, we have the solution for you. We found two fantastic sex cam sites that accept gift cards. You can use giftcards from Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, and 100+ other companies to get yourself some sex cam credits. It's safe, it's secure, and what the hell else are you going to do with those cards.


Best Cam Sites That Accept Maestro Card


Maestro Card is one of the most popular debit cards in the world. We took a look around to find out which of our favorite sites accept the commonly found card. The selection is actually much more common than we expected, so we're bringing you the top 5.

Find out what the 5 best cam sites that accept Maesto Card as a method of payment are and what they each have to offer you.


Full Nude Body Paint Cam Girl


We found a sexy young webcam model that does nude body paint cam shows quite often. We've seen her in gold, blue, and silver, among other colors. Find out who she is and what the best site to watch her on is. We've included plenty of pictures to show you just how damn sexy she is. We even grabbed one of her in the shower!


Cam Sites that Accept Visa Electron


Visa Electron might be one of the most popular debit cards in the world, but it isn't widely accepted on all live cam sites. We checked to see which sites accept Visa Electron, Visa Bleue, and other Visa debit cards.

We included reviews, to help you make a decision about which site works best for you. We ranked them in order of our preference, find out which sites you should use.


Best iDEAL Cam Sites


iDEAL is currently the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands. We looked through our sites and checked for the three best iDeal cam sites.

Find out what the best sites have to offer and what you get when using iDEAL.


Adult Cam Sites That Accept Amex


American Express is one of the most popular credit card providers around, but sadly it doesn't seem that they are used on most live porn sites. We did the searching and found out that there are just two websites where you can use your Amex card.

Find out what websites take the card and what you can to do use Amex on other sites.


Best Camgirls to check out on Chaturbate this Halloween


Nothing spices up a cam show like a little costume action. We listed our favorite Chaturbate cosplayers. We found some great images in amazingly sexy pre Halloween cam shows.

Find out which cam girls you just have to check out this All Hallows Eve, we included a bonus at the bottom.


How to Save Money Watching Live Adult Chat Cams


Watching and enjoying live adult chat cams can, at time, be expensive. Especially if you have certian models that you always like to follow, and spend time with.

Lucky for you, there is a secret, a way to enjoy your prefered amateur chat cams fun, and save money at the same time. 

Want to know the answer? Come on in and we will tell you.


30 Free Credits With Your First Credit Purchase on ImLive


When you are looking for a new adult webcam chat site to join, one of the first things you look for are the benefits. What do you get from them for signing up. It is natural, it is part of the process, and sites understand this. 

None more so than ImLive, so are running an exclusive promotion that you do not want to miss. So come on in now and see how you can go so far as to double your money when creating a new account with ImLive. 


What is the Best Webcam Site for Adult Chat Newcomers


There are a lot of live adult chat sites out there, and finding your way around them can be a daunting task. Especially if you are new to the niche.

There are however, certain sites that offer you a gentler, or more all-round approach to real chat cams. These are the best webcam sites for beginners and first timers. Sites like Chaturbate offer you the best introduction to hot chat cams and the live adult models that star in them.

Come on in to read more about this great site, and see how you can start your webcam chat journey today.


There are Many Hidden Benefits of Using Live Adult Chat Cams


Live adult video chat is here to stay, and there are plenty of great reasons to use them. Reasons that will go beyond the standard crass fare, and venture into the realms of self help.

Used real video chat cams to learn more about your own likes and dislikes, you limits and your techniques.

Sites like Jasmin and Cams.com and Sexier are excellent places to start your journey into the world of live adult cams


The Grandest Category Search at Webcams.com


There are times when you are in the mood for a bit of naughty adult chat, but you have no idea what you are in the mood for exactly, then Webcams.com have the answer.

Their category filter selection is one of the best around and will really help you find that special web cam model who will make your dreams come true.

Come on in if you want to find out more about the great things on offer at Webcams.com


Live Webcam Chat Sites That Make You Feel Appreciated


It is the little things that count. That applies to all areas of life, including the world of live adult chat cams. When you join a webcam chat site, you want to feel as if you are appreciated. That your membership means something to the people that run the place.

Chaturbate understand this and use an effective email notification system to ensure you feel connected, that you stay in the loop and never feel as if you were just another face in the crowd.


Jasmin are Branching Out With a Real Cable TV Channel


There are times when the need for some adult chat show fun just isn't enough. We need something else; something more. Have no fear, for Jasmin are here.

Launching their very own cable television channel, now you can have the high quality adult cam chat experience that you are used to, whenever you want, streamed straight through your television.

Come on in and read all about the hottest station in town.


Struggling to Choose a Cam Girl? Try ImLive's Multiviewer Feature


There are times when there are just too many live adult chat options for you to choose from. In theses instances, a webcam chat site like ImLive has the answer to all of your problems.

A multiview cam feature that allows you to watch multiple live cam chat streams at the same time.

Sound good? Hit the link to find out more and see for yourself why ImLive is one of the BestWebcamSites


ScoreLive Models Want To Welcome You To Their Online Abode


There are a lot of live webcam chat sites out there, and each one is eager to become on of the best webcam sites.

ScoresLive.com are intent on making a name for themselves, and with this hot sign up offer, and a double layer bonus, they stand a good chance of making waves.

Come on in and read for more details.


BongaCams Gives Exclusive Access to Real Homemade Videos


Live adult webcam chat is a great thing, but what makes a chat cams site one of the best webcams sites, is the extra lengths they go to.

Take Bongacams for example. On top of their hot amateur models, they have hundreds of homemade amateur videos, made and posted by their star performers. All you need to do is take their free membership and add some credits to your account.

Come on in and have a read to learn more.


Benefits Just for Signing is the Sign of a Top Webcam Site


What is is that separates the best webcam sites from the rest? Is it their line up of live cam models, or is it the features that their site has? It is all of these things, but there is one item that comes before it all. The hook.

What is it that brings the customers in? The bonuses of course. What are the adult chat site willing to give you in return for your patronage. Come on in and read about the best webcam site offers and which cam site should be the first name on your 'to be visted' listed.


Variety is the Spice of Life, but Presentation Counts Too.


The last thing you want when viewing a live adult cams site is to find yourself with but a few live feeds to choose from. What you want is a big collection of amateur chat models, across a range of different categories. Variety is the spice of life and it really makes all the difference.

Which site has the best choice, the greatest selection of real adult cams? Come on in and find out. It may just surprise you.


The Features Maketh the Live Chat Cam Site


Real chat cam sites are a great way to spend an evening, however there is more to these sites than just the live amateur models.

The best webcam sites offer more than just chat. They have feautres and options that provide oyou with a great range of experiences that chat cams alone.

ImLive is a prime example with one of the best membership programmes on the net today.


Helping You Choose a Web Cam Site


The world of live web cam chat sites is an ever expanding one. When faced with such a plethora of live amateur models all willing to get hot and heavy with you, how do you know which cam feed to choose?

The answer is simple...

Come on inside and we will tell you all.


Bongacams are the Perfect Low Cost Chat Experience


When funds are running low but you still feel like spending a little bit of time in the company of a live real chat cams model, then sites like Bongacams are the best place for you to head.

With a low cost per show operating policy, they offer you the best of both worlds. Hot live webcam chat for a low cost outlay.


ImLive Recognize and Value their Frequent Visitors


ImLive is a top quality site that has a lot to offer everybody that enjoys spending time watching live adult chat cams. With this in mind, they have introduced a great, company wide scheme that will allow everybody to benefit from their visits, each and every time.

Come on in and learn all about the great tiered membership program and see what benefits and bonuses you could start earning today. You won't regret it.


Watch Adult Industry Professionals for Free at Webcams.com


If you are looking for a site that offers you that special something extra, then look no further than webcams.com. Once a month all members are invited to watch an hour long show staring real adult entertainment industry professionals.

Want to know more, then read on and see for yourself the wonders and rewards that come to those that watch live adult webcams.


Double Your Money When You Top Up at ImLive


There is a fantastic offer being run over at ImLive. Pop on over today and you can double your money on a single account top up. It is an opportunity that cannot be missed, so grab it today, before it is gone. There are live amateur webcam models just waiting for you to come and show them a good time. 


Earn Free Live Adult Chat Credits at Chaturbate


Chaturbate.com are offering free tokens to all of their paying members, and it is something that you will not want to miss out on. Come on in and see how you can get your reward today.


ImLive Have Taken Live Cam Interaction to a New Level


ImLive have taken the world of live adult chat to new interactive heights with their latest feature. Whether you are a member already or not, this is something you should read. It will change the way you use cam sites for good.


Come to Cams.com and Meet Real Penthouse Pets


Have you ever wanted to chat with real, live adult models. Professional models? Well, cast your eyes over this post and see how you could be chatting with real Penthouse Pets in a matter of minutes.


Get Up Close and Personal With Live Adult Cam Zoom


A general discussion over both the positive and negative aspects of the cam zoom option offered on live adult cam sites like sexier.com.

Feel free to have a read and join in the fun.


Bongacams Wants You... and Your Friends


Now here is an offer that really is as good, and as easy as it seems. Refer a friend and get a fantastic bonus when they sign up. Bongacams staking their claim as one of the best live cam chat sites around.


How to peek on Private Cam Shows at LiveJasmin.com


After getting a lot of questions about free adult cam shows on LiveJasmin.com, we started digging. After some research, we found a loophole that will grant you free access to adult cam shows.




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