Bitcoin Cam Sites - Live Sex Shows for Digital Currency

It could be argued that live webcam chat sites are at the forefront of modern living, especially when it comes to the world of adult entertainment. When the internet came along, there was an explosion. Adult material was at our fingertips, just a few clicks away. Amateur chat cams are now one of the main features in the adult sector of the internet, and with that comes a certain level of expectation.

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The technology industry, whatever niche it may be, is a fast developing one. Any time spent stagnant is not only a chance for growth wasted, and an opportunity for gain handed to a competitor, but it also makes you outdated. You cannot rest, especially when you are leading the charge for an entire market sector.

Real live cams sites like understand this, and are keen to ensure that they are always at the forefront of the technological revolution.

Jasmin is Leading the Charge of Bitcoin Sex Cams

The Jasmin brand has long been regarded as the ultimate in live webcam chat experiences. They offer an unprecedented package of amateur chat cams hosted by a wide range of gorgeous live webcam chat models.

As the leader of the pack, it is natural to expect that they would lead by example, and they are certainly doing that by embracing the newest and most up and coming payment method on the market today.

We are talking about using Bitcoin to pay for amateur chat cams.

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What is BitCoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not produced or controlled by a central bank. They are mined, and when transferred are gone forever. Unlike money they cannot be devalued by overproduction and are in essence a fully digital, safe way or making transactions.

Labelled by many as being the currency of the future, they are a forward thinking man’s reserve.

How Can I Get Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are gained by mining, and there are many sites that offer you the ability to start this process. Because bitcoins are not stored in a bank, nor printed, they are yours until you give them away. Getting set up is easy, and they simply accumulate in your ‘account’. They can be bought or sold based on a mathematical formula that determines their worth in multiple quantities down to as little as a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin.

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What Bitcoin Cam Sites Are There?

The fact that adult webcam sites like Jasmin are already allowed people to top u their accounts with bitcoin shows how progressive it is, given that the majority of live cams sites don’t even let you pay with PayPal, Jasmin are certainly setting themselves ahead of the field.

However, it must be noted that they were not the first site to offer bitcoin as a means of financing amateur chat cams shows. Chaturbate were the site that first welcomed this method of payment, but sadly they were not able to continue with the service and removed it from their payment choices fairly swiftly.

Another site that offer Bitcoin payment options is but their participation is not a heavily invested in process. That being said, they have not removed it from their list of offered services, so it could be a place to watch in the future.

How can I use Bitcoins for Jasmin Cams?

Using Bitcoins on real live cams sites such as Jasmin is simple. A bitcoin is recognized as a legal currency, and as such it is treated accordingly.

When you try to add credits to your Jasmin account, hit the button for additional payment options and you will see Bitcoin is just another option on the list.

To enjoy the live webcam chat services offered on the site, simply choose one of the pre-defined token quantities, and you will be told what the equivalent value is in Bitcoin.

Once you transfer the Bitcoins from your balance to LiveJasmin, your account will be credited immediately with the relevant number of credits.

Payment Options With Live Jasmin

Why Don't More Cam Sites Use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a powerful currency, and while it is gaining traction it is not a commonplace currency. It is something that a lot of people do not know about, and do not understand, because of the heavy mathematical component behind the Bitcoin valuation.

Why Do Jasmin Cams Use Bitcoin?

Jasmin is using Bitcoin as a means of allowing their customers to enjoy their live cam sites because they understand the potential, and by involving themselves now, even with this payment option as a secondary means, the site is ensuring that they are fully immersed in the world of Bitcoin payments, so that when it takes off, when the virtual currency becomes more everyday, they will be ready. While other sites will still need to learn, the live webcam chat sites operated under the Jasmin banner will be in a position to flourish.

The other reason is also part of why Jasmin has shown such dominance during the live chat cams revolution; business sense. At the end of the day it all comes down to money, and when you use Bitcoin to make a payment there are no additional cost incurred by either party. This means that users do not lose anything and get exactly what they pay for, and Jasmin get exactly what they are paid.

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Is Jasmin the Number One Bitcoin Cam Site?

When it comes to live webcam chat, the Jasmin brand has always been the leader of the pack, and their dedication to the future is why then will stay the best amateur chat cams site.

The future is about more than just features in the live chat cams features and the user experience in the amateur chat cams shows, but rather about the complete evolution of the site.

Not only do Jasmin provide you access to the hottest live cam babes on the planet, but they also put the work in behind the scenes to ensure that you are part of a site that embraces change from the start. They are a leader, not a follower, and that is why they are the best, and why, if you haven’t already, you should go and sign up today. Joining the site is FREE and there is no obligation to buy any credits and any point in time, so your access and your account is fully under your control.

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