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When it comes to online adult entertainment there is a distinct line that can be drawn between the services being offered. There are adult cam sites that offer good service and rely on high volume turn over, and there are those few sites, those parlors of excellence that rely on more than turnover, they thrive on satisfaction. We found three of these real free cam sites after thorough research, and it goes without saying that you should register for all three of the free adult chat sites to really see what we mean. All three of them outshine their competition on all fronts, but what exactly gives them this edge? What do they do different?

Well, for one thing, all three sites have one strength in common that is very hard to find anywhere else around the net. They offer their members the chance to join the club without the prerequisite of needing to register a credit card. They are three sites that, when they say free membership, actually mean, free. This coupled with high quality cams, high definition, crystal clear sound and some of the most attractive models on the net today. They offer service with a smile and ensure that everybody watching their shows leaves with a smile. All three of them are great free live cam sites, but each of them has a certain advantage over the others.

Top 3 Free Adult Cam Sites

#1 - Logo

Sites like, the truly best free live cam site, offer such a range of services and level of customer satisfaction that goes above and beyond the standard call of duty. This is the cam site that we rank at first place in our adult cam sites ranking. MyFreeCams have over 1000 online webcam models at any given time, great webcam quality and wonderful support, which is really what makes it better than the others. Should you take our advice (and you should) and create a free account for all three live cam sites featured in this article, but eventually decide to pay for your membership, MyFreeCams is the place with the greatest return for your dollar.

Screenshot of Free Adult Cam Show


#2 - Logo

Then, there's - another free webcam site that understand what it takes to be great and pull out all of the stops in order to ensure their valued customers enjoy their every single visit more and more. Although the webcam model choice isn't as great as on MyFreeCams, the added value of Bonga Cams reflects in the fact that they have free adult webcam chat with man-and-woman cam couples, while My Free Cams only provides free video chat with webcam women, one or more women in each room, but no men and no transgenders.

Screenshot of Free Adult Webcam Chat


#3 - Logo

Rounding off the top three adult cam sites, you have Chaturbate, a site that excels when it comes to their customers, their needs, wants and desires. The selection is the poorest, but still not bad at all, and you can also find men on cam or webcam transsexuals, not just webcam couples or women. Another really strong point of Chaturbate which can't be said about Bonga Cams and MyFreeCams, is that you don't even need an email address to register for this wondeerful free webcam community. We write "community" because any registered user can also broadcast his or her live webcam feed for free, or sign up as a webcam model, and earn money on cam.

Screenshot of Free Adult Chat on Live Cam


A Comparison Table of the Top 3 Free Webcam Sites

Let's recap the advantages of each free cam site in an easy to read summary:

 My Free CamsBonga CamsChaturbate
Our Ranking4.954.264.15
Number of Models26,0004,0004,000
Active ModelsOver 1,000200200
eMail RequiredYesYesNo
CC RequiredNoNoNo
Type of Webcam Chat Rooms   
One WomanYesYesYes
Woman-Woman Couples/GroupsYesYesYes
Man-Woman Couples/GroupsNoYesYes

"So, what's the conclusion from all this?" we hear you wonder.

Well, it's elementary our dear Watson, all these webcam sites are free so sign up for all 3 of them and give them a try for yourself. We assure you that you'll find out which site fits your unique needs the most, without paying a penny before you know that. You can retain a free webcam membership for as long as you like, of course many people eventually reach the point when they feel the amateur webcam model on their screen deserves to be spoiled, that's when one usually decides to reach for his credit card.

In Case You'd Like to Become a Paying Member

I know what you are thinking, a site that lets you join for free is fun, but the private live cam shows start with money. That is true; the full package shows can only be enjoyed by those that have tokens loaded into their accounts. All three sites offer a wide range of payment options, but at the end of the day, tokens are tokens, how you get them onto your account is irrelevant. It is what you can do with them that count.

Most adult chat sites offer three standard options:

  • Free webcam video chat
  • Live private shows
  • Recorded adult shows

These shows are great, but they are exactly the reason so many sites fail to make that push to the very top. MyFreeCams, Bongacams and Chaturbate understand this, and they have all done something about it. Group shows are a new form of online adult webcam interaction that takes the concept of a private show, reduced the price and increase the fun. Group shows are private rooms, offering the same level of show and performance abilities as a one-on-one private session, but designed to accommodate groups of paying members.

By allowing multiple members to join the chat, costs are kept low, with the per minute price being spread over more than one cam. The group atmosphere encourages a good time and leads to a jovial atmosphere perfectly suited to a fun collaborative yet private experience.

Of course you could always stay in public chat and tip the amateur webcam women when they do what you like, and to encourage them to continue. This is the most popular type of free adult cam shows, and the one where most of the best webcam models pass their time on the best free live cam sites.

 My Free CamsBonga CamsChaturbate
Tipping optionYesYesYes
Lowest cost of Token$0.08$0.12$0.08
Webcam Chat Cost per Min (tokens)10-60 tks/min7-30 tks/min6-90 tks/min
Webcam Chat Cost per Min ($)$0.79 - $4.75$0.86 - $3.66$0.48 - $7.20

In the adult webcam business, there proof is in the pudding. Bare skin sells and online women behind real live cams are a great attraction, and a little attention to the needs of the customer can see any site contending for the top spots. the final word goes to recommend Maya's adult cam reviews site, who reviewed and rated the best free adult cam sites - we trust that you'll enjoy her point of view at least as much as you've enjoyed ours. Logo

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