Peek on Private Cam Shows at for Free

We learned that you can peek for free at private shows which are in progress at, and decided to share this bit of info with our favorite people - our readers.

How do I get this access?

You're probably asking yourselves how, so here's how. When you see a cam model who is in a private chat, or even if you're in a free chat session and the model suddenly goes into private with somebody, you can peek on the adult cam show in progress for free, and without anyone knowing.


I found a model, what's next?

First, you wil receive this message (click the image):

Take a Peek for Free

After you cilck "Take a Peek", you're called upon to join the site, which you can do without hesitation:

Join Now

I signed up, what do I do?

Once you're a registered user (no credit card required), you get 10 free sneak peeks into any private video chat session you like, and voila - you have free access to premium action!

Furthermore, if you decide to purchase credits for a free show of your own, you can get bonus credits on the spot!

You're welcome ;)



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