The Best Fetish Cam Sites Are Not Hard to Find

In the world of live adult chat cams, there is one genre that is rising up ahead of the others in terms of popularity. Real fetish webcams are no longer the internet’s dirty little secret, the avenue of the erotic revolution that even the mainstream departments denied the existence of.

Nowadays the fetish cam chat movement is growing in popularity and numbers, and with that we are getting more and more live adult chat cams appearing making a point of advertising and drawing attention to their fetish departments, and in many instances there are even entire sites that are solely dedicated to real fetish webcams.

These live adult chat domains operate in the same way as their more mainstream counterparts. They offer free chat modes for new, guest and free users, and then depending on the site you are visiting, there will be various paid for shows.

The fetish cams sites are fun places to be and can be very educational for those who have not yet touched their darker side, but have an interest in doing so.

LiveJasmin is the Leading Live Fetish Cams Charge

LiveJasmin fetish cams

There are not many live adult chat cams sites that have embraced the change quite as boldly as Not only do they have a large number of live streaming real fetish webcams, they have gone so far as to set an entire website dedicated to their fetish niche. For that, you don’t just get a simple home page, but a full on site. Non-stop fetish cam chat with the hottest webcam models on the net. Split up into multiple categories to allow you to refine your fetish needs based not only on the fetish itself but also on the characteristics of the models themselves.

The site works in the same seamless fashion as the other LiveJasmin sites, and credits are transferable between the two. An account is an account, and so while the regular site are operated as separate entities, for you the user the experience is seamless.

As such, joining LiveJasmin Fetish cams is a completely free process and the same bonuses that lay in wait for you on the main site are waiting for you behind the live fetish cams.


Come join the fetish fun for free

What are the Best Fetish Cam Chat Sites?

We have already seen the first site, but perhaps it is important to understand what the word fetish truly means.

The phrase real fetish webcams conjures up an image of BDSM chambers, and pain. However, that is merely a part of the niche, and it is exactly the shedding on this moniker that has led to the boom of real fetish webcams.

The word fetish can cover any number of topics from:

  • Leather
  • Masks
  • Smoking
  • Spanking
  • Bondage
  • Feet
  • And many other topics.

It is this wide range of options, many of which carry none of the hardcore mystique that was for so long associated with these live webcams.

Of course there are plenty of sites that do provide such a level of fetish fun, and some of them could be found on the pages we talk about below, it just depends on how lucky you are.

Fetish Galaxy is the THE Place for Real Fetish Webcams

Watch Live fetish cams on

While LiveJasmin has a rather large brand already established that helps propel its fetish cams to the top of the list. Another site that offers top quality live adult chat with a heavy fetish twist is the wonderful Fetish Galaxy.

Fetish Galaxy is a standalone live adult chat site that specializes in the fetish industry. They have a wide range of categories to choose from, one that far eclipses that service offered by LiveJasmin.

The live cams are responsive and well managed, the shows busy but interactive. There are some sites, which shall not be named here, that have models who simply wait for the private shows to come to them. Fetish Galaxy are pro-active in his regard. Their models talk and socialize and engage with their viewers, and as such the user experience is high.

Unlike LiveJasmin, Fetish Galaxy is not free join. That is in so far as, creating a user account is free, but once you have taken that step, you cannot view any live fetish cams without adding some funds into your account. It is this fact that holds it behind LiveJasmin as being the best fetish chat cams site around.


Real Fetish cam are out of this world Offer Their Own Fetish Cams Contribution

Watch Live fetish cams on

As one of the reining old war horses of the live adult chat cams, it should not be surprising that they are also involved in hosting real fetish webcams. You do not survive as long as they have done in this marketplace without being open to change.

The main difference between the top three sites mentioned here is that, while they have a dedicated section for Fetish cams, it is accessed via the standard filter menu that the site uses. This consolidates the cams down to one site, one homepage. For users this is a great simple way to find the cams of their choice, however, it is also a reason why they are mentioned third on the list. The selection of live fetish cams is significantly less than the other sites, and not as boldly advertised.


Live fetish cams at

A Fetish for Every Taste

As with regular live adult chat sites, there are a range of different fetishes out there and a lot of different models operating within each divide, which means no matter how busy it is, or how particular your fetish needs, there will be somebody online who is more than willing to show you a good time.

Form novice fetish cam chat fans to experienced fetishists who know exactly what they want, the sites above have something to offer everybody so don’t delay. Head on over and join up today. LiveJasmin and are free for the initial sign up, so there really is nothing to lose.

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