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People used to tip models to get them to play with themselves, but that is in the past. Nowadays, with the advancement of remote controlled sex toys, we can get to play with them ourselves.

Currently, the two biggest names in the field are the OhMiBod and the Lovense Lush, both of which are used by thousands of different models. Both toys are Bluetooth based vibrators which vibrate when you tip. The bigger your tip, the larger and longer then vibration you give.

OhMiBod makes camgirls wet

You might think that the vibrations are meaningless, but you would be wrong. The number of OhMiBod and Lovense Cams where you can watch a model that will not only orgasm but even squirt all over the screen is HUGE. All you need to do is figure out what gets the girl going and tip her accordingly.

Some cam girls like it when you started them off with a wall of small tips while others prefer giant single tips to get them moaning. Most camgirls are capable of multiple orgasms, they might be saying no, stop, I’ve had enough, but they don’t really mean it! They want nothing more than for you to keep tipping and for them to keep cumming.

If you time everything right, you will be cumming together with your favorite cam girl every time you watch the best OhMiBod and Lovense cams.

Cute babe with a Lovense

Recognizing the Toy

There are multiple varieties of both the OhMiBod and the Lovense. Both companies have both an internal sex toy and an external sex toy. You will generally be able to recognize which toy the model is using, even if she isn’t completely naked yet. If you are having trouble telling which toy you’re looking at, most chat rooms titles will tell you exactly which is used in the title of the room. Some sex cam sites, such as Live Jasmin refer to both brands simply as VibraToys. 

Lovense Lush

Lovense is advertised as the strongest remote-controlled vibrator. In recent months, it has become clear that the Lovense Lush is quickly becoming the camgirls new best friend. Interactive sex toys used to be based off of the sounds of tips, however, an update to the Lovense Lush means that the toy reacts to tips, not the sounds of tips, giving you a more reliable tipping experience.


Generally speaking, you probably have your preference of which you prefer. You might like a toy based on its performance or maybe even based on its aesthetic design. Personally, when the OhMiBod first came out, I was not a huge fan. The way it was inserted into panties meant that while the camgirl was using it, the chances of you seeing her pussy was extremely slim.

Then came the Lovense Lush which sits internally, and suddenly camgirls can strut around completely naked again, and it is glorious. If you have a favorite camgirl and she isn’t using the model you like, you could probably buy it for her to convince her to use it. If the camgirl of your choice is using a Lovense Nora, you just might be on your way to cumming together.

Power Settings

Generally, most OhMiBod and Lovense cams will use more or less the same settings. As with any other case of collusion, expect to see that most models on any site will follow the same price guidelines that other models on the same site use. Here is an example straight out of a camgirls room on Chaturbate -

  • Level 1 - Tip (1-14) 3 seconds (Low vibrations)
  • Level 2 - Tip (15-99) 6 seconds (Medium vibrations)
  • Level 3 - Tip (100-499) 10 seconds (Medium vibrations)
  • Level 4 - Tip (500-999) 1 Minute (High vibrations)
  • Level 5 - Tip (1000 - 1000+) 3 Minutes (High vibrations)

That being said, each girl gets to set her toy to whatever level she wants. That means that sometimes you will run into a room where the camgirl has set random or extreme settings. Many camgirls have completely phased out level 1, while others have set it so that a 25-token tip will get activate a random setting between levels 3 and 5.  Here is an example taken straight out of a camgirls room.

The average settings on Chaturbate


Upping the Ante

If you’re the type of guy that likes watching a woman with multiple toys in her, do not fret. Many of the hottest camgirls will use multiple Lovenses in combination with dildos and other toys. The most I have personally witnessed is two Lovenses in the ass, one in the front and a dildo, all at the same time. It didn’t look like the most comfortable set up, but it sure seemed to work!

Camgirl gets tipped till she squirts

You might wonder to yourself, what’s the point? I mean, you could just tip 500 tokens and watch a show, but I personally just don’t think it’s as fun. Half the enjoyment in sex comes from the facial expressions and sounds your partner makes. There is nothing better than cumming together at the exact time your partner does.

While you aren’t physically touching the camgirl, with an interactive VibraToy, you at least get to see and hear them in real time. You will be controlling when they moan, when they squirt, and when they will cum their brains out.


Taking Control

If you truly like being in control and enjoy watching your sexual partner orgasm, then you should definitely look into chat rooms with interactive sex toys. A camgirl whom you’ve made cum is far more likely to remember you and username than a camgirl who you once tipped a couple of hundred token a few weeks ago.  

Aggresive squirting

Many cam rooms have their own little mini goals. Often, these goals are task rewards to do with the interactive sex toy. A lot of camgirls will hand over control over their Lovense or OhMiBods to the high tipper or just anyone who tips enough. If you gain control over a camgirls sex toy you are pretty much in control of their vaginas. You get to choose when to hit them when a weak vibration, when to hit them with a medium vibration, and when to hit them with a vibration to strong they will fall to the floor. This is how you get a tipwall started -

Yellow wall of tips

You can time your masturbation to the tips you are giving to try and reach the ultimate goal of cumming together with the model. If you see that your favorite camgirl is using the Nora Lovense, you can order the Max Lovense for yourself. The two toys can sink up for long distance virtual sex. The movements the camgirl makes will be transferred through your sex toy where you will feel the movement directly on your dick. Using a Max and Nora will definitely get you closer to cumming together. Realistically speaking, this is probably the closest you’re going to get to fucking your favorite camgirl.


Absolute Domination

Through the proper use of Lovense and OhMiBod true sadists can take toying with camgirls to a whole new level. The idea of cum denial has been around pretty much since the beginning of domination play. It is not a new concept, but with interactive sex toys and online camming you can now take control to a whole new level. All you need to do is find when a camgirl is right on the edge of bursting, then cum deny her. No matter how horny she is or how ready she is to cum, she will not be allowed to do so and only you will have the power to change that. For maximum effect, you should be the one that tipped her to the point of cumming. There is nothing better than the look of betrayal on a camgirls face as she realizes you tipped her to this point just to torture her.

Camgirl plays with her three Lushes

In recent months, it has become common for camgirls to have live shows in which unsuspecting individuals are included in the shot. In most cases, it is obvious that the set-up is fake, and that everyone being filmed is fully aware of what is going on. That being said, sometimes it is nearly impossible to tell. There was a camgirl on who had a Lovense in her vagina and her grandmother sitting next to her. In situations, it can be fun to tip and watch as the model tries in vain to hide her pleasure from those around her. We might never know if that grandmother was really the camgirl’s relative, but we can say that it was hot and kinky to watch.

The best OhMiBod and Lovense cam sites are MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, and Bonga Cams. These are the OhMiBod and Lovense sites because they have large communities of users watching each room. OhMiBod and Lovense cams aren’t very fun when you’re the only one tipping. The true excitement begins when two or more users band together to spam the model with more vibrations than she can handle. You might all end up cumming together, but you are only going to be thinking about the girl.  


The Best OhMiBod and Lovense Cam Sites

Chaturbate started is a free webcam service where you don't really have to tip to watch the show. Of course, the more people tip, the more interesting the show tends to become. OhMiBod and Lovense have become a hugely popular means for camgirls to motivate people to tip to reach goals. 

Lovense on Chaturbate

Lovenseand OhMiBod are perfect for the Chaturbate model where most users prefer to watch a show over taking a model into a private. In fact, many cam girls have reduced the hours of privates they do each week, as they have found that when they put a Lush toy in, they tend to make more tips overall.

At the end of the day, when looking for interactive chat rooms you should only really care about one thing. You want to make sure that you are on a site where you won't be the only tipper. and its huge volume of tipping users is perfect for your needs and wants. The most users I have seen present in one room was over 8000 users. If even only 1% of users tip in one those full rooms, the tips can flow forth like a river. 



My Free Cams is another great resource for watching OhMiBod and Lovense cams. There are thousands of models online at any given time and hundreds of users to watch them. If you like interactive cams, MyFreeCams is a fantastic place for you to get your fix.

MyFreeCams models with a Lovense and a strapon

The reason Chaturbate is ranked higher than My Free Cams for OhMiBod and Lovense cams is due to the sheer amount of users. While in the past MyFreeCams was the more popular site, in recent times it has become clear that is quickly becoming the most populus cam site.

Unless you are lucky enough to start watching your favorite cam girl at exactly the right moment, it unlikely that you will be able to cum simulaneously with her, unless you are willing to spend a relatively large amount.


Bonga Cams

BongaCams has less models and users than Chaturbate and My Free Cams, and yet it is still somehow very sucessful in the field of OhMiBod and Lovense Cams. While other websites rely on sheer quantity to get tips, it seems that on Bonga Cams the smaller amount of users means that more people are willing to tip.

Lush on Bonga Cams

It seems that the bystander effect is less prevalent on BongaCams. Meaning more tips and more action in smaller amounts of time. The only real downside is that you can expect to see less models than the other sites. That being said, you can still expect to see hundreds of models online at any given time.

One downside of Bonga Cams is that it is one of sites which doesn't label the toy used. You will just see a logo for VibraToy.


If you dream of cumming together with your favorite camgirls, it is recommended that you sign up for all three websites. By signing up to all of them you will be greatly increasing the number of models you see. You will also increase your odds of joining a room at the right time and reducing the amount of time you have to sit there edging and waiting for action.

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