Talk to strangers. A tag line as honest as the day is long. Omegle is a site dedicated to anonymous interactions. Offering both webcam and text chat based form of communication, nobody is excluded at, except for pervs. On you can expect to meet anyone, of any age, and of any interest. is a pioneer in the random free cam chat field, and deserves much respect for it.

An interrupting comment: before you proceed reading this review, please know that many people sent us requests for us to find adult sites like Omegle. Thanks to these folks, we decided to research the matter and publish our findings in an article. So far, we concluded that adult sites like Omegle are almost nonexistent, with one exception. We reviewed the site and published a thorough article about it. You can read more here.

Variety and Safety for All

Working on a philosophy like ChatRoulette, the site offers users of all ages a safe place to network on a social level. Make new friends during random chat encounters. No registration requirement means that you remain anonymous. Omegle offers cam2cam interactions with real people the world over. Load the site, type an interest and select your chat method. It is that simple. There is no other free chat site out there today that offers such a simple interface with a high quality output. With more than 35,000 people online at any given time of the day, finding someone to chat with should never be an issue. The site is cleverly set up with an clearly buttoned link for those visitors who may have logged on looking for a more adult themed random chat experience. Thus leaving the main omegle chat room innocent and fun for all. 


Screenshot of Omegle Intro
Omegle Intro Screen

Options? Not that Many...

By hovering your mouse over the webcams, you can mute yourself or your partner, change the preferred video/audio devices, or shut down your own camera stream. Another option, is to take a snapshot of the chat and capture a magical (or hilariuos) moment. The snapshot is clear and only shows the two cam feeds one on top of the other.


Screenshot of Free Random Chat


Moving On to the Next Person

Once you (or the stranger) have had enough, you can end the chat by clicking the "Stop" button near the text box (or simply hitting the Escape button on your keyboard), and you will be sent across the world wide web to a meet a new person who you never knew existed.

Screenshot of Stop Button near Text Box
Stop Button on the Left

Screenshot of New Chat Dialogue
New Chat Dialogue


The Bottom Line

Very few webcam sites round today can compete with what has to offer, and that reason alone has them standing out as a leader in web cam communication providers. And to tie this review up, here's Shane Dawson, going on for the first time. Enjoy!