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The camera sites you can find below are the crème-de-la-crème of the live cam industry. Anything from live chat sites that utilize webcams as the main means of communication, to surveilance cams spread out around the world transmitting live feeds of anything your heart desires to your screen at home: animals, cities, beaches, weather, news, educational channels, and so much more.

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Chat Roulette is a web cam site for people of all types and interests. Membership is free and instant, with no registration confirmations by email. Set up in a fashion like Omegle, ChatRoulette is a wonderful introduction to free chat room interactions. Aside from the webcam feed, ChatRoulette offers you - the user - the option to draw, and not only write.

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uStreamTV is one of the most recognizable names in the world of online video feeds. uStream enables you to watch live free or pay-per-view events on your computer or your mobile device. You can even become a broadcaster and stream a live cam of your own free or pay-per-view content. Streaming TV on the web is the future of television, and uStream TV is a leader in this field.

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When it comes to online animal fun, there is no better site than The site offers everything from live puppy cam feeds and all manner of other cute animal videos, and even amazing views from selected beautiful spots around the world. The quality is amazing enough to envy - highly recommended!

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Have you ever wondered what's going on elsewhere in the world right now? EarthCam is the site that will answer any question of this sort. Established in 1996, this trusted webcam site allows everybody glimpses into life anywhere in the world. It's a fun and educational website for the whole family, that gives you the opportunity to take a moment and teach your children about the world. 

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Surfers are often viewed as free spirits, travelling where the will of the world takes them in search of steep swells and wild waters. That may be the case, but sites like Surfer Today certainly help them add a little reliability to their travels. is one of the best around in terms of webcam feed quality, range of cam locations and the level of information that it has to offer.

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Talk to strangers. A tag line as honest as the day is long. Omegle is a site dedicated to anonymous interactions. Working on a philosophy like chatroulette, the site offers users of all ages a safe place to network on a social level. Make new friends during random chat encounters. No registration requirement means that you remain anonymous. Very few webcam sites round today can compete with what has to offer, and that reason alone has them standing out as a leader in web cam communication providers.

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There can be no denying that Australia is a surfers’ paradise. Surf reports and forecasts serve as a great reference point for those looking to plan their trips in advance, while the Australia web cam surf streams provide up to the minute reference points for those looking to make either a last minute trip, or for those who have planned their trip in advance and want to check the condition on the big day itself.

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4.30 is a site that brings possibly the largest collection of live outdoor webcams on the net, wraps it up in a neat little package and delivers it to your screen. There are thousands of real time feeds being broadcast from around the globe. With more than 150 regional locations, the WebcamGalore quite literally covers all corners of the globe, including a link from space.

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Take a Safari trip from your own home. Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime without having to take out a loan you will be paying for a lifetime. The live safari cams offered by Africam put you right in the heart of the African plains. Immerse yourself with the lions, and stroll through the Rhino fields all via live animal webcams feeds.

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4.15 offers one of the best live animal webcam feeds in the world, directly from the enclosures of the animals. This site has everything you wanted to know about the San Diego Zoo, and a lot of neat features, like printing your own tickets before visiting. You can plan your trip to the zoo by utilizing a lot of the options available to user of this live zoo cam website.

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For those interested in viewing life on the American Coast, a site like Beach Cams USA is an invaluable tool. Featuring over 200 live beach web cams, there is no reason not to enjoy visiting them all. You can find an impressive variety of live feeds from beaches in which you could watch the sunrise, the sunset, marinas, pools, peers, harbors and even beach volleyball games!

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3.98 is the perfect free surf cam site that offers direct and up to date information on all of the top surfing spots the world over. It doesn't only offer you the weather forecast and live surf webcams, but also surfing-related news, user-submitted photos and videos, traveling discounts, surfer's gear guides, and their own online store. With beaches and tides changing in a matter of miles, it is an important source for anybody who plans to go and hit those waves.

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An interesting website that offers a unique and at times random view of life around the world. The website streams links from live webcams across the world. Thousands of free webcams offering a variety of live feeds. The site is unique in its set up for it is not based around communication, but rather around observation. Using real security camera to live cams at public places such as theme parks and other first rate tourist attractions on a global scale.

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As the name would suggest, North American animal webcams is a site dedicated to the wildlife and wonders of the American North. Since Discovery is note a site dedicated to live webcams, but rather they are merely a small part of it, it has a much wider range of features and options to offer. The site is a great resource and offers an education experience for young and old alike. Don't miss their Shark Week section.

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3.70 is a simple to use, smooth running free webcam chat service that puts you in touch with new faces around the globe. A colorful and friendly site where users feel welcome from the moment the homepage has loaded. You can chat in several rooms at once, and view multiple webcams at the same time. Even though the feeling on the site is like going back 5 or 10 years in terms of website design, Chat For Free is not bad at all.

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Live free beach webcams from the American coast. The ultimate resource for surfers or a chance for those who wish to travel to sample the American sun, sea and sand, but can’t.

The site itself offers something for everybody. From Hawaii beach cams perfect for checking the surf before heading to the beach, to cams of San Diego harbor and the likewise named seal colony. Travelers, surfers and nature lovers alike can all make use of the site. Handy because it spreads the appeal and overall reach of the free beach webcams, putting the technology to good use.

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