Chat Roulette is a web cam site for people of all types and interests. Membership is free and instant, with no email registration confirmations. With an 80% male audience placed predominantly within the 18-24 year demographic the site leads itself towards causal conversation.

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Screenshot of Chatroulette Chat Session
Video Chat on Chatroulette

Easy Control over Your Chat Room

Set up in a fashion like, ChatRoulette is a wonderful introduction to free chat room interactions. Random chat with strangers provides the perfect chance to make new friends and socialize without the weight of expectation that comes with real world conversations. It has a serious benefit over other sites, which is drawing. Equipped with a simple but capable tool you can express yourself in a multitude of colors, and each party has the power to both draw and clear the screen at the same time.

Screenshot of Drawing Tool
Drawing Tool


Created by a 17 year old, users need no technical skill to use the site. Random chat sessions load automatically, and you can end your session with F2 or jump to another available web cam stream with F3. An important feature that promises improved online security, is the ability to report your chat partner, which you can do by pressing F4. All of these options are also clickable buttons at the top of your screen, on your left hand side.

Screenshot of Top Menu Options
Top Menu Options

Useful Preferences and Premium Account Possibility

On you always see what country your partner is from and, if they choose, you also see their listed interests, intentions and expectations from chatting on cam with you. You can even purchase ‘Premium’ steaming credits in increments of $10 or $50 which provide you the opportunity to be more specific in the type of connections you would like to make.

Screenshot of Technical Options


Screenshot of Free User Options Screen
Free User Options Screen

Screenshot of Premium User Options Screen
Premium User Options Screen


People Are Having Fun! made a huge contribution to the online world by providing simple day to day people with an exciting new way to surprise and excite others, and here are a few examples of the results:

Call Me Maybe - ChatRoulette Version

Live Piano Concert while Connected to ChatRoulette


The Bottom Line

A great camera site for those looking to meet new people and have a good time. Live free chat rooms are the future, they offer a place for no strings attached communication with people the world over. There are not many sites that can offer truly free video chat. Most contain hidden costs that need to be met before the system can be used. However, chatroulette delivers where many other sites fail.