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Live animal webcams are a great alternative to a family day out. With tough economic times upon us, taking the whole family out for a day is not always something that can be budgeted for. Live web cams streaming real time feeds of genuine animals around the world provide a low cost way for families to spend some quality time with one another. From the famous Smithsonian Panda cams through to global zoo cam feeds, it is young and old alike can sit back and relax. Get that real safari experience from the comfort of your own homes.

Most of the animal webcam sites are free to use and along with engaging live critter cam feeds, their pages are packed with educational opportunities. One such site is which not only offer live animal web cam streams from within their park but also an entire section of the site dedicated to education. is another site that offers unique experiences to anybody that loads the page. From the polar bears in Churchill, to the Brown Bears of the Dumpling Mountains and all manner of cams in between.

Free to use, the sites are simple in design which means even the youngest of computer users can watch whenever the fancy takes them. The live critter cams load automatically with no popups or adverts and are accompanied by a relaxing musical score so that the auditory senses are also satisfied.

Live animal cams are a modern wonder, bringing the bond between man and animal even closer. Bring wildlife into your lives with real animal cams. Watches whales cresting waves at sunrise, bees hard at work in the hive or all manner of endangered animals that ordinarily would remain nothing but pictures in books.


When it comes to online animal fun, there is no better site than The site offers everything from live puppy cam feeds and all manner of other cute animal videos, and even amazing views from selected beautiful spots around the world. The quality is amazing enough to envy - highly recommended!

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Take a Safari trip from your own home. Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime without having to take out a loan you will be paying for a lifetime. The live safari cams offered by Africam put you right in the heart of the African plains. Immerse yourself with the lions, and stroll through the Rhino fields all via live animal webcams feeds.

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4.15 offers one of the best live animal webcam feeds in the world, directly from the enclosures of the animals. This site has everything you wanted to know about the San Diego Zoo, and a lot of neat features, like printing your own tickets before visiting. You can plan your trip to the zoo by utilizing a lot of the options available to user of this live zoo cam website.

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As the name would suggest, North American animal webcams is a site dedicated to the wildlife and wonders of the American North. Since Discovery is note a site dedicated to live webcams, but rather they are merely a small part of it, it has a much wider range of features and options to offer. The site is a great resource and offers an education experience for young and old alike. Don't miss their Shark Week section.

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